Anglo-Saxon Profile

Anglo-Saxon is Israel‘s most prominent real estate agency network. Since its founding in 1964, the firm has grown to around 80 locations across the country. Managers working for the network receive a wide range of services, from training to personal and professional assistance.

Anglo-Saxon Vision

The Anglo-Saxon network is a well-known and well-established real estate network. For the past 50 years, this network has appeared to be an integral part of Israel’s landscape. Their network is a national network of autonomous agents. Everything from land to houses to flats to industrial buildings to warehouses to retail outlets is on this market through the company and its middlemen.

Reliability, quality, and professionalism are all associated with Anglo-Saxon. High-quality teams, knowledge, excellent standards, and high dependability contribute to Anglo-Saxon’s reputation. Anglo-Saxon maintains its reputation and identity by guaranteeing that each of its clients receives a prompt and professional answer with outstanding service.