Barnes International Realty Profile

Luxury homes in some of the world’s most stunning locations are available through Barnes International Realty. With a wide price range and efficient and dedicated staff, the company has plenty to offer. Some of Israel‘s premier properties are in the Barnes portfolio, along with global real estate.

A network of 85 offices spans over 15 countries. They operate in some of the world’s most desirable locations and include some of its most luxurious houses. Essential principles such as respect and distinctive know-how transfer down from generation to generation at the firm.

Barnes International Realty Vision

Barnes International Realty has more than 700 partners and affiliates. They’re all specialists, and their dedication knows no bounds.

The company has been revolutionizing the luxury real estate industry since its inception in 1995, delivering a truly international network and tailor-made services to its clients. Barnes employs its knowledge in a wide range of fields, from real estate transactions to financial advice.