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Buying property in Israel for English speakers has never been easier thanks to Buy Property in Israel. Real estate agents who work together and are licensed to conduct business in Israel submit their listings on this site. Properties of all sorts are available, and their price range is wide.

After selling real estate in the US for 16 years, Lyle Plocher, the founder, knows what English speakers want. He anticipates what needs to be implemented when it comes to acquiring property. In order to ensure that you receive the service you deserve, the company staff is dedicated to keeping standards high.

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Those who are interested in working with Buy Property in Israel may find a wealth of info on the website. You can learn about the Israeli real estate market, buying process, and connect with an English-speaking real estate agent. They will be able to help you find a home in the neighborhood of your choice.

You’ll notice that the pricing for properties listed on the website is in US dollars. This choice was made so that users can see the NIS (New Israeli Shekel) equivalent when they’re searching. A currency calculator makes all of this possible. Make sure to keep NIS in mind when dealing with Israeli real estate (Shekels). Make sure you discuss this issue with your Israeli Real Estate Agent and an Israeli Attorney.

If you can’t find what you’re searching for, check back, as agents constantly add new properties.