HAR Profile

HAR stands for the Houston Association of Realtors. Numbering more than 40,000 members, this conglomerate of real estate professionals tackles all sorts of real estate issues. Appraisals, advising, leasing, property management, and sales are all possible through the company.

With HAR, you’ll gain access to a company with the following records:

  • 55K Realtors and agencies are part of the HAR network
  • 162K+ properties listed for sale or lease
  • Information and ratings for more than 10K schools
  • Assessed values and property tax records, and more than 2M of them

Features of the HAR.com Agency

The features provided by HAR will give you access to the following content:

  • Event notifications near you
  • Trending list in your neighborhoods of interest
  • Maps indicating nearby amenities, restaurants, churches, parks, and more
  • Estimated driving time calculator
  • Presentations of the visual variety of property lines, school boundaries, neighborhoods, and more

Along with those features, there are some newer ones:

  • The ability to find similar properties for sale or lease if your dream property has been taken
  • Finding top real estate agencies or realtors through ratings
  • Searching for homes depending on school districts
  • Mark favorites and sends them to your mobile device/devices

HAR Vision

With more than 40,000 members, HAR is the largest trade association in Houston and the second-largest in the United States. Such popularity doesn’t come without providing top-quality services, which most of these trade associations members do. HAR has you covered if you need to be connected with almost any realtor in the US or globally.

Houston may not be famous as an epicenter for luxurious real estate, but the conglomerate can find you some of the hottest properties in the world. With a local population of 2.3 million, not to mention global clientele, HAR truly has an impressive reach.