Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Barcelona

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March 22, 2020
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Prices in each of the 10 districts Barcelona hosts are mainly dictated by the location and proximity to the city’s attractions, so you can find investment opportunities all around the city. 

However, depending on your budget, investment goals, and preferences, some neighborhoods would be a better fit for you than others. And to help you decide which one that is, below we will discuss Barcelona’s hottest neighborhoods you can invest in.

Barcelona De La Ramblas
Barcelona |


If you want to fetch some cheap properties with huge growth potential, then Poblenou is the place to look into. Due to Barcelona’s City Council’s recent efforts to turn old, industrial warehouses into residential properties, the area has flourished.

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Now, Poblenou is home to many co-working spaces, offices, stores, modern residential buildings, and colorful markets, every one of them a property you can invest in to rent or flip for a capital gain.  

Sarriá-Sant Gervasi

As the place where many of the Spanish celebrities, athletes and overseas millionaires have their homes, Sarriá-Sant Gervasi is the most expensive neighborhood in Barcelona by both average rent price and average property price. It’s one of the most upscale places to live in Barcelona and one of the few areas where you can find big houses over 500 square meters that also have a swimming pool, parking lots and a large yard. 

As a result, the demand for properties is always at a peak here, bringing the average property price among the highest in the whole of Barcelona at 4,896 USD per square meter and due to the low availability of rental properties, rental prices are also the highest – 17,4 USD per square meter. 


Eixample is one of the most popular neighborhoods for students and young people. Because of its fine architecture, proximity to universities and a rampant nightlife, the average prices in Eixample are among the highest in Barcelona. For instance, an average rent per square meter in Eixample is 17,20 USD, more than double the average of Barcelona (7,83 USD), while average property prices can go up to 5,005 USD per square meter.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia from above
Barcelona, Jana Ranincova

This number used to be quite lower but due to the increase in popularity of the neighborhood, prices increased drastically in the past few years. If you want a relatively safe investment, solid rental yields, and high occupancy rates, Eixample will be the place to go to. 


Built over 150 years ago, Barceloneta is one of the 4 districts that make up Barcelona’s Old Town. It’s extremely well situated near the Old Port, the city beach, park, and the Old Town, so as expected, both rental and residential properties are in high demand. 

When it comes to properties, this area mostly hosts smaller apartments in old buildings, but due to the proximity to the city’s historic center, the beach, and other amenities, they are extremely expensive in price, sometimes even 6,000 EUR per square meter. Do note that if you want to buy an apartment in an old building, it will most likely require some refurbishing, so take those costs into consideration as well. 

The Born

Same as Barceloneta, Born is also part of the central area (Ribera district to be specific), near the well-known church of Santa Maria Del Mar. In recent years, The Born has undergone a drastic transformation and from an old, traditional area it has become a real contemporary district. Many street fashion boutiques, hip restaurants, and bars were opened which attracted a lot of young foreigners with good property budgets, so the majority of residential property owners here are foreigners. 

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This is also due to the fact that Born is one of the most popular short-term rental areas for investors because of its proximity to tourist attractions and trendy locations. As a result, property prices here can sometimes go up to 5,984 USD per square meter, but there are a lot of smaller and older apartments for which you can fetch a good price, so make sure to look around before sealing the deal for a certain property. 

Les Corts

If your investment goal is to rent or sell to businesses or well-situated families, Les Corts is an area that will almost guarantee you a profit. Although it’s the smallest and least populated district in Barcelona, almost all properties are either residential or financial businesses, so if your goal is to invest in luxury properties, this is where to look for them. 

Rent is among the highest in the city – 15,57 USD per square meter while buying a property would cost you around 4,461 USD per square meter. This high price is mainly because Less Corts offers an ideal blend of high-end properties, luxury shopping centers, expensive bars and restaurants, and high-end residential properties. It’s also home to some of Barcelona’s most famous locations such as the world-renowned Camp Nou Stadium and FC Barcelona, which additionally raises its price.

Barcelona by night from the sky
Barcelona, The Coffeevine

Nou Barris

Opposite of the previous ones, if you’re looking for affordable properties priced below 217,613 USD, Nour Barris is the area with the lowest costing properties in Barcelona. 

Average property prices here are 2,503 USD per square meter, almost half of those in Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, so if you want to stay on a budget or limit the amount you invest in Barcelona, this is an area that could save you a few dollars. Rent prices are also among the lowest at 14,14 USD per square meter, so if you want to make a fortune fast, it’s better to overlook this area as it’s more suitable for those with a lower real estate investment budget. 

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Most of Nou Barris is underdeveloped, so if you want to find a decently priced and well-positioned property in this district, the best chances to find it would be in the areas Vilapicina I la Torre Llobeta, Porta, El Turó de la Peira, Can Peguera and La Guineueta. 

Start Investing in Barcelona

If you are planning on buying a property in Barcelona, you’ll be well advised to keep an eye on these few neighborhoods as they offer solid property values and good rental yields. As a tourist city, location is the prime driver of the prices in Barcelona, so depending on your preferences, some of these areas will be a better option than the other for you specifically. However, what is important here is to analyze the market and assess your options before making that final investment decision.