Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Bordeaux

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April 10, 2020
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In 2013, Bordeaux was ranked as France’s second-favorite city. The last two decades have seen the real estate market of the Pearl of Aquitaine boom, and the trend is not expected to stop in the next few years. Moreover, the city has received at least 200,000 new permanent residents in the last decade. However, this doesn’t mean any neighborhood in the city will offer what you’re looking for. Each of Bordeaux’s districts has a unique vibe. Here are the best locales in Bordeaux where you can expect high returns and appreciation rates. 

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Triangle d’Or

With its intense cultural life, the energetic Triangle d’Or is among the most distinguished neighborhoods in Bordeaux. Located at the center of the city, this neighborhood offers easy access to the surrounding districts, including Victory Square, Garonne, Saint-Pierre, and Esplanade des Quinconces. The neighborhood’s apartments feature stunning architecture, mostly dating back to the 18th century, with several small shops.

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It has elegant facades and wide boulevards. Most people consider Triangle d’Or as the fancy area of Bordeaux since it is full of luxury boutiques. Some of the city’s best chocolatiers call this place home. Bordering the biggest park at the heart of Bordeaux, Jardin Park, Triangle d’Or is a kid-friendly neighborhood. More fancy and luxury hotels are located here. 

Public Garden

Offering a perfect balance of a shopping center and a tranquil residential area, Public Garden boasts many shops on the rue Fondaudège, a walking distance from homes. Popular townhouses and buildings line the streets of this neighborhood. With a good tram system serving the area, residents can commute to the city and the neighboring regions with ease. 

Public Garden is an ideal locale for families to relax. However, it’s not just the presence of beautiful architecture that makes the neighborhood suitable for families. The district also hosts the Goethe Institute and Companions of Duty, a multi-purpose high school, and primary and nursery schools. 

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With high-quality and relaxed living conditions, Chartrons is one of the most attractive regions to live in Bordeaux. The neighborhood has plenty of factory-priced brands, art workshops, trendy boutiques, vintage shops, and excellent restaurants. It is also home to one of the nation’s first organic markets. 

With several and high-quality green spaces, Chartrons is the ideal neighborhood for families to stay. That’s not the only reason why families should live here though. Chartrons is also home to highly-rated schools and universities. It also has an efficient transport network and a good number of cultural spaces. While Chartrons is a big district, the most fascinating section of it lies in the proximity of the riverfront and near long rue Notre Dame. 


Labottiere has beautiful homes with swimming pools and gardens, located close to every type of amenity. If walking is your hobby, then the River Park and landscaped gardens here will meet your taste. These attractions only add to the high-quality life you will experience in Labottiere. The neighborhood also has a college, school, and nursery, making it an ideal choice for families and students. 

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The local shops, public transportation, and parking service in this area make daily life easier. The vicinity to President Wilson Boulevard makes getting around this district much easier. Labottiere is also home to the Château de Labottière, a venue that hosts Bernard Magrez cultural institute’s contemporary art exhibitions. The area is well maintained to date. 


Situated strategically between west Bordeaux and the city center, this district has all that you would long for in a village but is close to the shops, cultural centers, and the urban buzz of Bordeaux. Good for families and students, the area is full of colleges, high schools, and primary schools. Saint-Augustin also hosts the Carririe University Campus. Moreover, it is a quiet environment, located close to the beautiful Parc Bordelais and Parc Bourran parks. If you’re into sports, then Chaban-Delmas stadium will quench your thirst. 

This neighborhood is a perfect choice for those who are searching for a house with a garden. It’s also a great place to stay if you’re a regular commuter to the city center since it only takes 20 minutes to arrive there by tram. Since it is a small neighborhood, it has a small center too, with a weekly market and a few restaurants. 

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Croix Blanche

Perfect for families, this residential neighborhood is tranquil. It offers a wide range of goodies, including contemporary and luxury residences, typical stalls, bourgeois buildings, and Art Deco mansions. The residents appreciate the public gardens, shops, schools, and services that the area prides itself on. Croix Blanche has an intense cultural life, thanks to its location near the historic city center. 

Moreover, the neighborhood exhibits a sense of dynamism resulting from the availability of higher institutes and training centers in the region. This district, with its surroundings, is popular for the beautiful architecture of their houses, 1st century Art Deco buildings, and 19th-century buildings. Nearby is the Saint-Seurin basilica, whose remarkable silhouette makes it stand out. 


Considered a very commercial neighborhood, Fondaudège has about 140 stores on its streets. If you live in the district, your daily needs will be met by the wide variety of shops and services that this neighborhood has to offer. Flea markets, food shops, bakeries, and breweries, among other goodies, are available in this area. 

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With an authentic village feel, this district has about 3,500 inhabitants. Since 83% of the population is renting, investors in this area have a wide door of opportunities open to them. Investing in apartments in this area can yield high returns. The district is also located a short distance from the city center. 

Start Investing in Bordeaux

Investing in the Bordeaux housing market is one of the smartest choices you will ever make. With real estate prices rising constantly, you can be sure of a higher return on investment in the coming years. 

A beautiful city, Bordeaux is attracting many residents and tourists, and as a result, boosting the real estate market. The city has also been experiencing a population boom recently, resulting in stronger demand for housing units. These are signs that Bordeaux won’t disappoint you.