Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Fort Worth

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April 7, 2020
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Rental yields at the city center are at a rate of 13.49% while outside the city center is 17.30%. The cost of renting a one-bedroom in the city center and outside the city is $1,183.48 and $928.84, respectively. Similarly, the cost of renting a three-bedroom in the city center and outside the city is $1,671.25 and $1,406.94, respectively. The cost of an apartment in the city center is $1,728.92 per sq. meter while outside the city center cost $1,087.77 per sq. meter. Here are some of the hottest neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

TCU-West Cliff

This neighborhood is host to the Texas Christian University. The university’s presence has influenced the population demography of the area. The residential populace is made up of a young generation. TCU-West Cliff is also an ideal area to reside for young professionals and families. Numerous activities are found mainly around the campus zones, which is a bit more isolated. The most significant attraction in this neighborhood is football, which is a massive part of the state’s overall culture.

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The area is also home to a rich western history. Among the notable landmarks in the area is the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. The neighborhood offers a plethora of steakhouse restaurants and shops. The district’s crime rate is low, and there are many single-family homes here.

Arlington Heights

This neighborhood is a stable area comprising of growing families, young professionals, and even retirees who are homeowners for decades. The neighborhood of Arlington Heights is located east of Hulen and south of I-30. The houses in this area border the primary market and high school.

The area was established during the 1920s. It has grown today to become an eclectic and charming residential area with a rich history. The area was completely redeveloped and refurbished at the start of 2008. The district now features a new brick sidewalk, benches with lighted trees, and lamp posts bringing more charm to the neighborhood.

Homes and apartments within Arlington Heights are relatively affordable regardless of the increased property value the area has witnessed in recent years because of its potential. The downtown of Fort Worth is within a mile of the neighborhood’s residential area. This has given residents access to restaurants, shops, and nightlife when needed. Those interested in having a quiet timeout can go and chill at the lake or the golf course (one of the area’s many social amenities).

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Here in this region of the city, you can find many separate apartments and individual villas. The median property price of buying a property here is $127,450.

The returns you will get by investing in this area is as high as seven percent. An income of $1811 can be generated monthly by renting a place in this area. 

Worth Heights

One can find numerous 2-,3- and 4-bedroom apartments in this area of the city. The prices change with the area of the house.

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The median property price of a house here is $141,560. One can generate a rental income of $1383 a month from a two-bedroom house in this area.


Another prominent place where one can invest in the Greenway neighborhood of Fort Worth. The place is full of nature and gives a pleasant feeling of living here. The median property price of a house in this region is $112,450. Also, you can get a higher sale rate in this region as the returns on the property are around six percent.

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Fairmount is the US southwestern most significant historic area. It features numerous houses that were constructed in the late 1800s lining the streets of the district. Several of these ancient homes are being refurbished and renovated, which has, in turn, increased the property value and thereby extending the community growth.

Over the past decade, restaurants and local bars have been sprouting up along the streets of the neighborhood, providing the residents with more entertainment asides the inspiring historical culture. Dating back to 1990, the Fairmount-Southside Historic District has become a mainstay on the National Register of Historic Places. Among the many historical attractions within this neighborhood include James Dean Memorial, Park Cemetery, Fairmount Historical Museum, James Dean Gallery, etc.

Downtown Fort Worth

Located in proximity to the Trinity River trails is the city’s downtown. It is also Fort Worth’s central business district. Despite its business orientation, the Texas culture within this area is still very original. The population of the area is about 5,000 residents. The Downtown of Fort Worth consists of smaller districts such as the Medical District, West Seventh District, Cultural District, and Stockyards District.

Situated within this neighborhood is Trinity River Campus, part of the Tarrant County College. Downtown is where you find a majority of Fort Worth’s tall buildings and skyscrapers. This has made apartments within the area home to most of the city residents.

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There are many fancy shops and restaurants. Some of the notable attractions within these neighborhoods include the Convention Center and also the Sundance Square, which has retail, theaters, restaurants, and bars. The Fort Worth Water Gardens, modern park also features the Bass Performance Hall and unique pools of water. This lively area is an ideal spot for business professionals.

Start Investing in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a city that is consistently ranked among the most livable cities in the United States. This has made it a hotspot for any investor looking to diversify their investment portfolio. It is also a good spot for young professionals, which indicates that there is a massive property yield on the horizon for property owners within this city.