Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Leipzig

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April 5, 2020
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Having recorded great success in moving on from the relics of the second world war, Leipzig has gone on to exceed expectations across every quarter. The city has since gone on from an ordinary trade city to a world-class, peerless city in the whole of Germany, providing tough competition to cities, such as Berlin and Munich. Leipzig sits in the federal state of Saxony as the most populous city with over 600, 000 residents. The city intersects two very important medieval trade routes – Via Regia and Via Imperii – thereby maintaining the status of a major business hub across Germany.

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Leipzig uses perhaps the most advanced transportation system in Germany, the Leipzig City Tunnel that acts as a critical connecting port to major cities. As figures show, Leipzig is the most livable city in Germany today, thanks to its low costs of living and state-of-the-art infrastructures. Leipzig is also seen as the second-best potential city for growth and development in Germany. In 2019, the city was recognized as the European City of the Year and is, at present, a Gamma World City. All these have made the Leipzig real estate market very encouraging.

However, for all of the real opportunities offered by Leipzig, investing in the wrong neighborhood could deeply affect returns. Our experts have therefore evaluated the industry to reveal the neighborhoods that offer the best prospects to investors.

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Leipzig is an excellent center of music. The city is reputed for its operas, both urban and classic. Plagwitz derives great benefits from this status. This neighborhood is characterized by remarkable operas with impeccable music and, as well, comes with an urban designation. This has caused the repeated movement of musicians and artists to the neighborhood.

As a result, Plagwitz has a sizable count of nightclubs, galleries and studios, largely due to the increasing presence of artists and musicians. During the day, Plagwitz buzzes with activities while at night, the whole place takes on the appearance of an urban casino. This is a nice neighborhood to make long-term investments as residents are mostly family.


This neighborhood is often seen as a beneficiary of the buzz that comes with downtown Leipzig. As such, it is close to major parks as well as universities in Leipzig. This area is a home to urban restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Owing to its nearness to major centers, the population at Südvorstadt is made up of students and expatriates.

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This gives a sense of temporariness to the neighborhood and hence, the ideal forms of property here are short-term rentals, although long-term acquisitions could yield profits as well, considering that some expats may want to live permanently.


This neighborhood shies away from the flashy, pulsating life of other neighborhoods in Leipzig. It is seen as the appropriate site for people looking for originality, creativity and some quiet. Connewitz is home to many famous locations, some of which are Ratsholz and Pleiße-Auenwald forests and Cospuden Lake. This neighborhood is close to the major universities as well, and is ,therefore, mainly occupied by students looking for nearness to their schools and the elderly, sourcing for some quietness.


Schleussig maintains a low profile among the neighborhoods across Leipzig. It is a classy neighborhood, oriented towards family life and promises the luxuries of modern facilities and centers of attraction, as well as, gives the assurances of safety. This neighborhood is tucked between Plagwitz and Südvorstadt and renowned for its fine array of organic restaurants and specialty stores. A notable center of attraction in Schleussig is the Clara-Zetkin park that’s situated to its north. Relaxation centers are numerous here, especially BBQ spots. The ideal investment here would be short-term rentals.

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And here comes a neighborhood with some heritage. Mitte is characterized by historical landmarks, imposing churches and majestic architectural edifices. As such, the city is split between tourists and normal residents, although the latter holds more away at the end of the day. The streets are always agog with liveliness and assure you of great fun as you walk them.

There are local restaurants and bars as well, each stunning in its own rights and glory. Shopping enthusiasts are well covered as well! With all these, Mitte would make an appropriate choice for long-term rentals, as it is geared more towards residential purposes.


Experience the splendor of Nord in all its glory with a visit here. This northern neighborhood is deeply coated in glamour, boasting of world-class facilities and exotic elegance for residents. Nord is the most expensive neighborhood in Leipzig and is usually inhabited by the more fortunate Germans.

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The neighborhood offers absolute tranquility and beautiful serenity at all times. Property acquisition in Nord can be more expensive than other neighborhoods but, so are the rental rates. Nord is an excellent neighborhood to invest in elegant residential properties, such as condos, villas and townhouses.

Start Investing in Leipzig

Leipzig is an all-encompassing city, evidently obvious in its premium collection of profitable neighborhoods. The city is one of the few across Europe that supports all forms of real estate properties, be it short-term and long-term. The recent fall in Berlin’s housing prices has further increased the attractiveness of this remarkable city. And, with all of Germany conquered, experts predict that Leipzig is ripe to compete against European megacities, such as Paris, London and Barcelona. As you can see above, should you choose to invest in Leipzig, there is no shortage of neighborhoods to explore.