Infinity Towers – Liverpool, UK

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August 24, 2020
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Infinity towers

Liverpool is a land of ambitions, and if you are looking to invest in real estate in this dreamy city, there’s no better place than Liverpool Infinity Waters Towers. Located in a prime waterfront, this magnificent multi-tower design will give you an uninterrupted view of the famous merry side river in Liverpool.

Infinity Towers - Liverpool, UK

This facility is anticipated to be the pinnacle of grandiosity and provide an unmatched world-class marketplace for growing companies and entrepreneurs to set up their dream offices in one of the best locations in the whole United Kingdom.

Investing in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most thriving cities in the UK. Opportunities, infrastructure, and future-proof; this city has everything you want for your business to grow. Many national and global ventures have relocated to Liverpool in the last few years.

The geographical location of this city is also perfect. It’s touched by major cities like Manchester and Everton from either side and serves as a pathway for major commerce events. The port of Liverpool is also very famous as it’s a reason for the city being an import and export hub in the region. Another major reason to invest in Liverpool is the high rental yielding rates.

Infinity Towers View Waterside - Liverpool, UK

Currently, Liverpool boasts the highest rental yielding rates in the entire country. At a total of 5.05%, the rate is almost double compared to other major states like London, Arsenal, or Birmingham, all of which have prices less than 3%.

Liverpool also has an excellent academic reputation in the UK. The city is home to institutes like the University of Liverpool, John Moores University, and Hope University. This makes the population of Liverpool young and energetic, with over 70,000 students actively looking for jobs and internships.

A market report also shows that Liverpool has seen massive capital growth in the past two years. In 2018, it boasted the maximum capital growth in the entire European Union, with the growth rate firmly staying at a healthy 7.5%.

About Infinity Waters Towers Liverpool

The Infinity Waters is a project handled by the architect agency Falconer Chester Hall. This dream project will have an ascending tower design. With 27, 33, and 39 stories, each tower will have a diminutive stature distinctive from the other.

Infinity Waters offers you a chance to get yourself a tremendous income-generating asset. The prime waterfront location is also a great asset in providing an astonishing view of merry side lake. 


One of the best aspects of owning a place in Infinity towers is the opulence experience it provides. It is only 2 minutes walk away from the massive 5.5 Billion Waterfront Regeneration program, situated at the banks of Merryside river.

It is also surrounded by a Creative hub capable of amassing over 2500 job opportunities in Liverpool. On the northern side, you get a view of the gigantic 400,000 sq ft office-led regeneration, which again will be a massive point for companies and employees.

Location on the Map Infinity Towers - Liverpool, UK

Moving further ahead, you get yourself the spectacular view of the Central Business District, which houses hundreds of companies and more than 60,000 employees on a weekday. Adding to that, the upcoming construction Cruise Liner terminal.

The infinity towers are excellently positioned and always buzzing with people and activity. One other significant factor is that the prices of your investment will quickly skyrocket if you invest in Infinity towers right now.


The transportation and reachability of Infinity are relatively straightforward. The roads and tubes are well connected and timely available. Also, the UK’s famous-red bus services are also quite active in the area around Liverpool Infinity towers.


The geography of Liverpool is soothing and cold for the most part of the year. The summers here are pleasant, followed by a string of long and cold winters. The snowfall is minimum, however, the water-front location of Infinity waters, the cold winds from the merry side, will provide a heavenly touch.

Design Infinity Waters Towers Liverpool

The design of Infinity waters is nothing less than extravagant. From afar-look, you will see three massive towers standing upright on the banks of the Merryside river. These towers are positioned in ascending order.

Starting from the base, these towers are supported by six sturdy pillars. These pillars will also let you have a 360-view of the base section, which looks stunning in general. The base section will also host a string of restaurants and food chains to provide leisure to the inmates of Infinity towers.

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Moving towards the towers, you will get a 27,33, and 39 design. The outer shell of the towers is pure acrylic glass, which will reflect the beautiful sun rays that bounce off during the early morning and night time.

The overall structure of the towers will be elongated-cylindrical that has a slight curve in the beginning. The best part of this design is that it stands out from the neighboring buildings, which don’t come close to the sheer size and grandeur of Infinity Waters.


With the luxurious design, you also get some excellent in-line facilities of Infinity waters. World-class private gym with multiple residence restaurants and concierge. 

Pool Infinity Towers - Liverpool, UK


The basement will also boast a set of heated pools and jacuzzis covered by glass outings and Italian tiles. The parking will be layered in a three-story design with a Mazzy interface to make the whole space accessible.


Investing in Liverpool Infinity Waters comes with a number of monetary benefits. First and foremost, owning a place in the primmest location in Liverpool will quickly multiply any investment you make.

Over 19.5% assured rental returns are promised in the first three years only, which is a massive boost compared to any rental place. If you put a new bid in Infinity waters, you will get an additional discount of over 15% on the mortgages and one-off payments.

The low quantum studio with 1 and 2 bedrooms is available for as low as £103,000 for the early birds. Looking at the current market situations and inflation, this price is nothing compared to some similar building apartments in Liverpool and nearing the states.

Interior Infinity Towers - Liverpool, UK


Liverpool also has fairly simple property rules and taxes. If you decide to invest here and move into Liverpool, the migration rules are pretty straightforward. Even if you are not from the United Kingdom but have a legitimate EU passport, the process registration will also remain the same.

About the Builder

Elliot Group, based in Liverpool, is the UK’s fastest-growing economy. It holds excellent global recognition. Considered as the experts in designing and constructing some awe-inspiring buildings in some of the major cities in the UK and France

Talking about the united kingdom specifically, these real estate experts have been a part of many flagship developments in Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool. The reviews of this construction have been nothing less exceptional. 

Infinity Waters is the 20th large-scale project of the developer. With a piece of exceptional knowledge and experience of location and property markets, it’s a leading brand in the catalyst for change in redefining the Liverpool landscape.

Payment Options Infinity Waters Towers Liverpool

Following are the payments set by the developers of Infinity waters.

Payment Plan Option 1:

  • Reservation Deposit of GBP 2,500 per unit
  • 30% due on Exchange of Contracts (S&P signing) within 28 days less GBP 2,500 Reservation Deposit
  • 20% due 1st phase
  • 30% due second phase
  • 20% due on completion estimated by Q4 2021
  • Investors will benefit from 2% interest, accrued, and used to discount off the final balance.

Payment Plan Option 2:

  • Reservation Deposit of GBP 2,500 per unit
  • 25% due on Exchange of Contracts (S&P signing) within 28 days less GBP 2,500 Reservation Deposit
  • 25% due 1st phase
  • 50% due on completion estimated by Q4 2021
  • Strictly No 2% interest for the deposit if the investor chooses this payment option.

Subsidiary Costs:

  • Legal fees* are estimated to be £1200 fully inclusive of VAT, searches, and disbursement costs.
  • Additional Furniture Pack
    – £4,000: Furniture pack for a studio apartment
    – £5,000: Furniture pack for a 1 bed apartment
    – £7,000: Furniture pack for a 2 bed apartment
  • Stamp Duty

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