Why You Should Invest in Bordeaux in 2020

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April 10, 2020
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Once considered a hidden gem, Bordeaux is one of the world’s best cities to visit, with Paris and London on the list. The city’s booming real estate market has made it come into the limelight. Every year, property prices have been increasing in the region, making it a very profitable market for investors. Here are the main reasons why you should consider investing in Bordeaux in 2020. 

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Rising Real Estate Prices

There has been a 10% increase in property prices annually in the Bordeaux real estate market since 2017. Experts believe that this trend will continue in the coming years. That’s why there has been a surge in the number of property buyers in the city. They know the value of their properties will increase, and that is a profitable deal. 

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The main reason for the rising real estate prices is the increased demand and limited supply of housing units. People have been moving from different areas of the country, including Paris, in search of employment. This has contributed to the increased renting and selling of residential properties in this region. Prices of deluxe properties have risen by 50-60% since 2014. This presents a unique investment opportunity. 

The Rental Market is Growing

If you purchase a property in the Pearl of Aquitaine, the demand for year-round rental is likely to cover your expenditures. Several factors affect this demand, one of them being accessibility. It only takes two hours to travel to and from Paris on the TGV. London is located only 6 hours away from Bordeaux. 

Additionally, the region’s wealthy culture and history draw thousands of tourists to the city. This increases short-term rental demand. That’s why the city of Bordeaux is planning to build 60,000 new homes near tram line stations within the next decade to handle the surging number of immigrants in the coming years. 

A Diverse and Strong Economy

Bordeaux had a GDP of €32.7 billion in 2014. The good thing about the economy of this city is how diverse it is. While the wine production industry contributes about €14.5 billion to the economy, Bordeaux has several other pillars. It is a major administrative, trade, services, and industrial center. 

The aeronautic industry employs at least 20,000 people in companies like Dassault, Snecma, EADS Sogerma, SNPE, and Thales. The wine production industry has also promoted the tourism sector, though the latter is still strong without the former. In 2015, Globelink.co.uk named Bordeaux as Europe’s best tourist destination. Another chief contributor to the city’s economy is its port. It handles goods to the tune of nine tons every year. 

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Beautiful to the Explorer

In 2017, Lonely Planet named Bordeaux as the most attractive city. It’s a great choice for those who are seeking cultural fulfillment and searching for a laidback environment. If you’re looking for a high-end getaway, then the luxurious options in Bordeaux will overwhelm you. The city has an extensive range of cultural attractions too. They include 15 museums, a wide range of music venues, and some compelling fine dining options. Besides, the picturesque landscapes that surround Bordeaux are some of the best in France. 

It’s worth living in this city since it gives all for an exciting, comfortable lifestyle. You can choose to taste wine at the vineyards, discover pretty French villages or cycle along the city’s country lanes. In short, the city is undeniably beautiful. Moreover, it offers high-quality life, suitable for any family to buy a property here and settle. There’s no better opportunity to start investing in Bordeaux. 

Population Boom 

Bordeaux’s population has increased over the past few years. Today, the city is home to 257,084 people, while the metro area has 1,195,335 people. Besides, Bordeaux has received at least 200,000 new residents in the last 10 years. This means there’s always an increased need to put up new housing units as the rental demand increases. Better still, investors will be happy to know that experts are predicting that the upward growth of the population will continue in the coming years. 

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Through this, you can improve your investment portfolio with confidence, knowing that your rental properties will not remain vacant for long. The age distribution of Bordeaux’s population is equally good. 44.5% of the total population comprises youths below 30 years. Also, 23% of the population consists of youths aged between 20-29 years. This is positive news for investors since most of these young people are raising families and getting employment in the city. It promises a stable rental income in the future. 

Ease of Access and Travel

Bordeaux has a very efficient, globally-connected transport and communication network. The city has links to 5 motorways, thanks to its location at the Iberian Peninsula’s gateway. In 2015, the Bordeaux-Merignac international airport served at least five million passengers. The airport provides flights to over 86 destinations around the world. On the other hand, the Bordeaux-Saint-Jean train station served over 10 million passengers in 2015. 

The recent arrival of a high-speed line has made it possible for people to travel to Paris and London in 2 and 6 hours, respectively. The public transport system has undergone substantial transformation in the past few years, with innovative ICT and ticketing systems improving user experience. As a result, more people have been using the tram and bus system in the past decade than ever before. The transport network of Bordeaux has had a significant impact on the real estate market of the region because it draws more people to the city. 

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Bottom Line

It’s smart to invest in Bordeaux. The real estate prices in the region have been rising in recent years, meaning that those who venture into the market can expect to get good returns in the long run. Moreover, the beauty of the city has drawn many to visit or stay permanently in the city, further stabilizing the housing market. 

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Also, the strong and diverse economy of Bordeaux means that landlords can get a stable income from their investments. The demographics of the city have also played a major role in promoting the real estate market. As the population increases, you can only expect property prices to rise due to increased housing demand. It’s the perfect time to try your luck in Bordeaux.