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The city’s roots lie in the early Roman and Celtic settlements that transformed it into a Baroque and Medieval city. The historic center of the city is rich in architectural ensembles, including gardens and palaces, monuments and parks, and grand buildings.  

The GDP of Vienna in 2017 totaled €93.8 billion, the highest of all Austrian regions amounting to 25.4% of the entire country’s GDP. In 2005, it was ranked as the world’s first most livable city. Between 2011 and 2015, it was ranked second behind Melbourne, and in 2018 Vienna replaced it as the number one spot and continued till 2019. For around ten years, the city was ranked first in its annual “Quality of Living” survey.   

Apart from that, the city was also classified as the most prosperous city in the world in the year 2012 and 2013. It attracts around 6.8 million tourists in a year. The city is rich in parks and green areas, making it one of the cleanest cities to live in

Austria’s capital Vienna is not only one of the most livable cities but also has a very stable market for investors in Europe. Since it is located in the center of Europe and near to the CEE countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovenia, it functions as a gateway to the mentioned regions. For several decades Austria has had stable economic data. Therefore, making Vienna the ultimate attraction to national and international investors and enterprises. Another reason why many people are moving to the city and investing here is due to the presence of various major companies and organizations. Vienna is also becoming more and more popular for organizations active in development and research. People belonging to this field are shifting steadily to the capital for more job opportunities and also subsequently investing in the residential market.

In our subsequent articles, we will discuss why to invest in this amazing city and its hottest neighborhoods

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Vienna

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📍Over 16,941 investors explored Vienna
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