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The city is among the largest industrial hubs in British Columbia with growing clean energy, health, education, high-tech, advanced manufacturing, and agricultural sectors. It is a city under the Metro Vancouver metropolitan area and regional district. Surrey has one of the most robust economies in the world due to its strong industrial framework. It is among the safest places to invest as a result of its mostly predictable outcomes. The city’s proximity to the pacific has blended with its multi-ethnic communities to offer excellent business potential for international trade with the United States and Asia.

The three biggest occupational groups in the city are transport, trades and equipment operations (18.8%), finance, administration and business (18%), and sales and service (25%), according to the National Occupation Classification. Also, the ever-increasing population in Surrey has made it one of the best places to make a property investment. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, over $6 billion worth of building permits have been issued, and a considerable increase in housing developments is being witnessed. This took place within the past five years.

Surrey has the second-largest population after Vancouver, and there has been a 10.6 rise since 2011. This makes it the 12th largest city in Canada. 

Canada’s provincial and federal governments have created an environment that allows international businesses to bloom without inconveniencing the public. Also, Canada’s legal system offers predictable outcomes, which in turn offers an enabling environment for business transactions.

The deregulation of foreign investment laws by the government also makes the property market in Surrey a nice idea now as the atmosphere has become more investor-friendly. Surrey is nicknamed the City of Parks with more than 600 parks as well as 277 hiking points. Occupants also savor the charming urban forest, golf course, clean beaches, and superb eco-tourism. It is also sought-after by senior citizens with a considerable number of people above the age of 60. Statistics also show that property in the city increased by over 21%, and the average price for homes is $206,000.

Making property investment in Surrey is the choice of a lifetime, and you should not miss out on this opportunity. Read our subsequent articles to find out the various reasons to invest in this lovely and the best suburbs to invest in. 

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Surrey

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