“La France”, the most common name for France. Country in Western Europe with medieval cities, breathtaking alpine villages, and Mediterranean coastline. France is a popular tourist destination. Paris, the capital of the country, is famous for fashion, art, museums, and monuments like the most recognizable one, the Eiffel Tower. Is investing in this romantic country, France, the goal for 2022?

French cuisine is one of the best in the whole world, combined with the excellent wines and cheese they produce over there, you will find yourself in heaven if you appreciate a hedonistic lifestyle. Rich history with a modern twist, a country that offers everything for any type of person.

Population: 65 million people. A temperate climate, with Northern and north-western France maritime climate. In those parts of France, you can expect mild winters and warm summers. Colder winters and slightly warmer summers you can expect in northern parts. Paris has an annual temperature of 13°C, and in all seasons of the year, it looks spectacular. Who doesn’t want to live in Paris? Centre of the universe for many. Real Estate in France is your chance to be part of that heaven on earth.

Real Estate Opportunities in France

Is France suitable for real estate? Numbers are talking for themself. In the year 2019 France’s commercial real estate market experienced records. Overall investments increased by 16%. to reach an astonishing €35.4bn. Even the retail sector managed to improve its performance to be the best in recent history. 

The past 12 months were exciting, prices have risen substantially for urban apartments. The summer months caused an overall slowdown in sales. Prices for houses specifically dropped a bit in the summer months but picked back up again in autumn. Property prices in France during 2021 rose by an average of +5.8%. It was about +7.0% for apartments and an increase of +4.9% for houses. All indications from the real estate market transactions are showing a probability of growth by 3.5% in 2022. 

Expectations for 2022 are promising. Mortgage rates are looking to rise but still remain historically very low. Home sales are going to grow. Price and rent growth are looking to slow down. Overall conditions will be much better for Real Estate in France investment according to the current inflation predictions that indicate a slow down in the year ahead. If you are considering buying, now is as good a time as any.

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