The beautiful country of Italy is located in the middle of Europe, on the Mediterranean coastline. The influence of Italian culture and cuisine on the world, in general, is undeniable. Saying, “all roads lead to Rome”, is a synonym for the philosophical idea that hard work will get you results in the end. The essence of Rome, the capital city of Italy, is just that and much more. Home to the Vatican and many ancient ruins. Among many major cities, there are Milan, Italy, and the world’s fashion capital, Florence, with a huge collection of Renaissance masterpieces, Venice, the city standing on the network of canals, and many more. 

The population of Italy is currently around 60 million people. The Mediterranean climate is the thing that makes the whole atmosphere in Italy into what it is now. What you can expect when in Italy, is hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The hottest month is July and the coldest one is January. In summer temperatures go up to 30C (86F), people are friendly and the streets are full of mesmerized tourists. 

Italy is known for its pizza and pasta, luxury vehicles, Leonardo da Vinci, gelato, ancient Rome, Colosseum, fashion, and so many other things. All that can attract any excitement-seeking soul, but also any daring Real Estate in Italy investor looking to be in the focal point of the Real Estate business. 

What is the situation for real estate in Italy?

Real Estate in Italy is looking good with prices that are creating excellent investment opportunities for anyone that desires to buy. They are showing no intention to slow decline. For years house prices have been affordable, and 2021 is no different. The situation is very favorable for buyers, and it is not going to change any time soon. If you are dreaming of acquiring a property in Italy, dream no longer. 

The prognoses are clear. According to the econometric models, the House Price Index in Italy is trending to rise. Projections are 105.00 points in 2022 and 110.00 points in 2023. Future prognosis shows that prices are expected to rise eventually. Approximately every year until the end of the forecast in 2026. Short-term predictions unveil fall in 2022 and then growth in 2023. If you want to “Cross the Rubicon” like Julius Caesar, Real Estate in Italy can be your chance to do it. Grab it today!

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