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Verona is home to some of the world's most monumental structures and offers edifices from as far back as the 18th century, notably the ...
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The city is part of 118 small islands that can be easily distinguished by canals. The interconnections of all these islands are done by ...
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Lake Garda
Italy’s largest lake also just happens to be one of its most beautiful destinations. No wonder it’s one of Italy’s best tourist ...
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Bologna’s thriving economy is ranked 47th in Europe and 1st in Italy for growth rate. Overall, Bologna is a great place to invest in ...
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Located in the heart of Italy, Florence is arguably the country’s most prized possession. With a population of over 380,000, it is the ...
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The city is a prominent business and cultural center in North Italy. It is surrounded by Superga Hill and the western Alpine arch.
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Ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and is the 166th-most visited city in the world with 381,000 visitors annually. ...
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Located in northern Italy, Milan is the second-most populous city in the country after Rome. With a metropolitan population of over 3 ...
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Ranked as the Alpha Global city in 2019 by Globalization and World Cities Research Network, owning a property in Rome is the dream of ...
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