Sweden, a modern, eco-friendly, wildland, is one of the best places in the world to start a business. Visitors flock to the area because of its rich Viking history and the untamed nature that draws adventurers.

Sweden’s rural areas are better developed than most other European countries. So, you’re likely to find your ideal lakeside retreat or even a treehouse if you live in the country. While nature plays a big role in why people move to Sweden, it’s not the only factor. Simply put, the country is home to some of the most lucrative industries in history! Sweden is a great place to start a business because of its numerous industries, including automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, renewable energy, and more.

Sweden’s population is constantly increasing, and the word “growing” simply does not do it justice. Stockholm welcomes approximately 100 new residents each day. Every year, tens of thousands of people move to Sweden. Entrepreneurs and real estate professionals have a golden opportunity here to offer high-quality homes, vacation properties, and more.

Sweden Real Estate: Is it worth the investment?

In many ways, the real estate market is back to business as usual, with transaction figures in Q1 reaching €3 billion in 2021. There is a lot of interest from investors in new deals. More than 75% of all buyers and nearly 90% of all sellers in Q1 2021 were domestic investors. Investors from the United States, Germany, Norway, and Japan are among the most active foreign investors. 

A combined 60 percent of total transaction volume is still accounted for by the two most common market segments, residential and industrial. Overall, with property prices rising as much as 12% in Sweden in 2021, projections are as optimistic for 2022. With prices in cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg increasing almost exponentially year-over-year. Investing in Sweden real estate is, therefore, potentially a very lucrative idea. 

A steady stream of tourists visits the country’s major cities like Stockholm, Goteborg, and Lund. Gothenburg is famous for its film festivals, international athletic events, book fairs, and scientific festivals. On the other hand, many businesses based in Malmö and Ume have global collaborations, and employees travel back and forth all year. Speaking of Malmö, it’s Sweden’s third-largest city, has over 300,000 residents, and attracts many foreign business travelers, mainly due to Malmö’s biotech and IT industries. So opportunities are more than beneficial, and if you’re considering investing in the cities, you’ll have plenty to offer northern Sweden.

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