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Brighton and Hove is a city on the southeast end of Sussex England and is famed for its lingual diversity and culture. The serenity of the environment is boosted by the fact that it’s one of the country’s seaside lodges. The city region mapped out some twenty years ago is an amalgamation of towns from the Brighton and Hove region, including cities like Portslade, Patcham, and Rottingdean. 

The city, which has a population of about 253,000, is seated on over 20,000 acres of land, of which over 50% is developed with modern architectural edifices. Many festivals outline the pride of Sussex as an art-loving community, among which the Brighton festival is most popular. The festival is a festivity of music, theater, dance, film, art, family events, outdoor games, and literature. This is the biggest and most significant annual festival that shows the city’s curative and multi-artistic nature. 

There are more than 16,000 businesses in the city of Brighton and Hove. This underlines the important role business plays in the daily existence of a Brighton resident, and the 140,000 employees that are gainfully engaged in these businesses go a long way in the establishment of the city’s economy. Most of these businesses range from small to medium to big-time large-scale enterprises. 

The service and hospitality industry is another significant contributor to the Brighton economy and labor force. The technology business is the primary aspect of marketing that thrives in Brighton and one that is a constant boost to the livelihood of the residents as well as the economy of the Brighton and Hove city. The hospitality industry also thrives in Brighton as it is one of the most attractive tourist sites in the country. 

According to Zoopla reports, the real estate scene in Brighton has been brightened by the recent drop in the price of properties in the city. Over the past year, there has been a 0.07 percent drop in the price of real estate in Brighton; and when compared to the cost of a property a year ago, there is at least a one thousand pound drop making the average price stand at a little over £395,000. 

Houses and properties in Brighton come in various forms and sizes, townhouses, detached properties, and mansions fit for singles, married and large families can all be found in Brighton at prices that surely fits all kinds of budget. 

However, the drop in price affects majorly the outright purchase of property as the realtors who own rental properties experienced a one percent increase in the value of property; this is a big green light for investors because the city seems not to be affected by the debilitating news of Britain’s European Union exit. 

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📍Over 2,006 investors explored Brighton and Hove

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Brighton and Hove

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📍Over 2,006 investors explored Brighton and Hove
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