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Manchester has a population of just around 550,000 people as recorded in 2018. This number is likely significantly higher since then and it’s the 5th most populated district in England. Manchester’s history started with a Roman Fort, which was built in 79 AD. It was only in the 19th century when rapid expansion turned the city into one of the largest in the country.  

During the industrial revolution Manchester had significantly more importance in the UK. Culturally it’s known for historic buildings such as the Old Trafford Stadium, the Royal Exchange where the textile trade takes place, and Central Station that was converted into an exhibition. 

The first computer program and memory was created in Manchester University during 1948. Also, the first atom was split by Ernest Rutherford in 1917 at the University – a huge scientific breakthrough that propelled further developments around the world. 

Manchester’s economy has transitioned from an industrial one to becoming more developed. Industries such as banking, administration, finance and general personal services are exploding. It’s creating demand for qualified workers, which means the demographics are slowly changing. 

The housing market in Manchester has been stimulated by the growth of the population and local economy. Manchester is considered as one of the construction capitals of Europe. Walk around the most prominent neighborhoods and you’ll see construction workers busy at work building modern structures for housing, business and shopping. The impressive skyline is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. 

St John’s and the Tower of Light are among the most notable construction projects. It’s estimated there will be a 4% growth in house prices across the North of England. Therefore, Manchester is a safe long term real estate bet. Invest now and reap the rewards of higher real estate prices in the future. International investment in Manchester is in the area of 2 billion British Pounds. You can expect this figure to rise in the future, which will further increase real estate prices. 

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Manchester

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📍Over 7,422 investors explored Manchester
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