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Batumi is superbly rich in culture and heritage. First transversed by Persians, the city (and all of Georgia) has since undergone a soul-lifting transformation from the ordinary seaside settlement to the Jewel of the Black Sea. The city boasts the grandest architectural neighborhoods but, out of all, Old Batumi stands out. Old Batumi is the modern creation of the olden days, designed to preserve the most significant parts of history as they happened. Batumi has been the home of very illustrious persons across history, and you may find yourself sharing the same visitor book with historical figures, such as Joseph Stalin, Odysseas Dimitriadis, Victor Azrilevich Grossman and many more.

Batumi is an expert illustration of the sea’s enchantments, and is regarded globally as one of the most stunning wallpapers a museum could have. But Batumi is much, much more. Batumi belongs to the exclusively selected cities in which gambling is legal and prosperous. As such, it holds fascinating interests for gamblers and thereby attracts individuals across all walks of life.

Batumi remains one of the most enchanting cities on earth with its soul-searching waters and dangling lamps. There are therefore thousands of tourists flocking into the city every year, some of whom often get lost in the tides and choose to remain in the scintillating displays. The government operates some of the most supportive legislations in the world too, with the lowest tax rates, absolute, unconditional protection for investor’s properties and, importantly, the simplest investment procedures across Europe. The city boasts of world-class facilities, such as a state-of-the-art transportation system, excellent healthcare and remarkable educational adaptations.

Neighborhoods, such as Old Batumi, Tamar, Kakhaberi, Rustaveli, amidst a host of others, offer returns above the global average on investments. That is perhaps the reason the Batumi real estate market is experiencing a massive and unprecedented surge in recent times. But experts say this is just the beginning as all indicators point to an astonishing growth in the soonest years; this may yet be the finest time to know Batumi.

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Batumi

Batumi’s ascent to prominence in the global real estate scenes has been nothing short of spectacular. Experts have predicted that The Jewel of The Black Sea, as the stunning seaside city ...
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📍Over 3,509 investors explored Batumi

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Batumi

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📍Over 3,509 investors explored Batumi
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