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Givatayim is a middle-class suburban city located in central Israel, somewhere between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. With a population of over 60,310, the city is well-known for its highest rate of secondary school enrollment in Israel. 

It was established in the mid-1920’s as a worker’s district of Tel Aviv, which was later sold to the workers of Palestine Railways who used this land for building their homes. In 1942, it was unified with four neighbourhoods in order to form a public unit of Givatayim, which ended up receiving its municipal status in 1959. In the initial years of the 21st century, it is counted at the top for the highest population of senior citizens in Israel. 

Currently, the numerous facilities, educational accomplishments and great quality of life have turned this city one of the most attractive areas of Israel. Now, the city is covered by mostly residential areas and public buildings. Though you cannot find any industry and only a few office buildings, Givatayim contributes significantly to the economy of the country.

The average prices of apartments in Givatayim can cost approximately $567 to $776 per square feet depending on the area. The recent renovation and new development activities in Givatayim have given a new life to the city and have attracted investors to invest in this desirable location. Many homes built in the 1920s-1960s or nearby years have been demolished to make room for new apartment buildings. 

The higher authorities of this pleasant place to live in have also moved to the development of affordable houses to attract young people and those who cannot buy expensive properties. The massive urban development, including a 70-story skyscraper and various other high-rise projects, along with the promotion of high-rise construction will additionally raise the bar of Givatayim’s housing market. 

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Givatayim

Givatayim is one of the most sought after cities in Israel and its educational system, clean and good environmental quality has transformed it into a highly attractive and wanted city for ...
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📍Over 228 investors explored Givatayim

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Givatayim

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📍Over 228 investors explored Givatayim
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