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Naples has an immense culture within the city. The Naples language is considered to be distinct and is mainly spoken in the city. The city has long been the center for art and architecture with medieval, Baroque and Renaissance-era churches, castles, and palaces. Therefore, making Naples an ideal tourist destination, which makes AirBnB properties thrive.

Naples has an abundance of festivals each year including  Festa di Piedigrotta, Pizzafest, Maggio dei Monumenti, and Ritorno della Festa di San Gennaro. All of these festivals bring in people from all over the country and world, especially Pizzafest. Pizzafest is a tradition famous for home pizza and the city hosts an eleven-day festival. Multiple stations are open for free pizza tasting and entertainment shows are displayed.

Naples is a historic city rich with ancient architecture, monuments, and art. The Palace of Caserta is perhaps the most famous historic building in the city. Built-in the 18th century the palace has a beautiful garden, which tourists can visit.

Naples is Italy‘s fourth largest economy and is the 103rd-largest urban economy in the world. The city has a major cargo terminal that brings trade to Naples and helps increase the economy. The city has experienced drastic growth since the second world war. However, that being said, joblessness still remains a huge problem within Naples. Another economic avenue for the city is tourism. Naples is the 166-th most visited city in the world with 381,000 annual visitors.

Naples is a great choice to invest in the real estate market because prices are relatively stable and have the potential to grow. The market is balanced between supply and demand, so you‘ll always have options to buy and sell afterward. The development of high-end properties means that the opportunities in Naples real estate are becoming larger. Also, with a wide range of properties, you‘ll always have options no matter your budget.

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Naples

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📍Over 3,831 investors explored Naples
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