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Situated on the Honshu Island in the Kansai region, it forms a section of the Keihanshin metropolis alongside Kobe and Osaka. As of 2020, Kyoto has a population of 1,459,640 residents. In the 8th century (precisely 794 A.D.), the city was picked as the seat of the Imperial Court of Japan. This is where Japan’s Emperors ruled from for the next eleven centuries. After the Ōnin War in the 15th century, the city was shattered and nosedived for an extended period. In 1869, the court was moved to Tokyo. It started picking up again in the 17th century and was made a modern municipality in 1889. 

Kyoto is home to various ancient landmarks such as the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Katsura Imperial Villa, Shinto shrines, palaces, and gardens, etc. Most of the landmarks are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tourism industry is a huge contributor to the country’s economy. Also, Kyoto houses various tech companies making them one of the primary drivers of the city’s economy.

Kyoto offers picturesque sights as well as serves as an industrial area that accommodates various international corporations such as Omron, Kyocera, and Nintendo. Since the number of students in Kyoto has been increasing over time, so is the demand for rental properties. The median price of an apartment in this city is about ¥750,000 per square meter. 

The housing market in Kyoto is thriving and is projected to remain healthy. It is expected to rise in the first three quarters of 2020 since the construction activities are projected to witness steady growth this year. The demand is more or less stable, which will give the investors a chance to choose from the most luxurious and affordable neighborhoods. For someone who is planning to buy a property in Kyoto, we would like to validate their decision. It is indeed the right place to invest.

If you’re interested in getting more details about why Kyoto is one of the best property investment destinations and also want to discover the neighborhoods with the best ROI, stick with us because we will discuss these aspects in detail in our next articles.

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📍Over 8,801 investors explored Kyoto

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Kyoto

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📍Over 8,801 investors explored Kyoto
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