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Mexico City is the most populous city in North America and is Mexico’s capital city. As of 2019, the city hosts about 21,672,000 residents, a 0.42% rise from 2018, and this makes it the second-largest metropolis of the Western Hemisphere. It is also the world’s largest Spanish-speaking city. Mexico City has an astonishing mixture of ancient and modern art, and this creates a balance in the city’s culture. The historic center of Mexico City is decorated with over 1,400 ancient buildings, which dates back to the 16th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is situated in the vast valley of Mexico, and it also produces about 21.8% of the nation’s total GDP. Furthermore, the major industries within this location are textiles, iron and steel manufacturing, cement, plastic, and furniture. Also, the tourism and real estate industries have been witnessing some significant improvements recently.

The Mexico City residential real estate market has recorded a significant amount of growth over the past few years. More moderately priced and sophisticated housing units are being developed. Top neighborhoods like Polanco and Condesa have been the most active, and properties being sold or rented, offer excellent amenities.

A publication released by the Wall Street Journal reveals that about 1.5% of the residents of Mexico City are wealthy and more likely to purchase luxury properties than others. Then again, foreign investors see Mexico City as a hotspot for property investment because of the strong relative value.

Mexico City is an attractive investment destination for rental property investors because tourists typically stay for more than a few months. And since the price ranges are considerable compared to the other housing options, visitors always opt for rental properties.

Every property investor wants to dump his money in a location that will provide a high ROI, and Mexico City is a good choice location. If you would like to know why Mexico City is the right choice for you as well as the top property investment area, we will discuss them in detail in our subsequent articles.

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📍Over 11,699 investors explored Mexico City

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Mexico City

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📍Over 11,699 investors explored Mexico City
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