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Tauranga has quite the culture, having imbibed slight history from the early Georgian dynasty. The city is not without its history as well. Tauranga has overseen several times, and some telltale signs can be seen in some of the existing edifices, which include historic buildings like the Elms Mission Station, an 1847 Georgian-style home. Not to forget, Tauranga has hosted memorable figures in history, some of whom were significant in the history of Australia. Some of these figures are Andrew Stevenson, Richard O’Brien and Jess Johnson.

Speaking of waters, Tauranga is a harborside city, meaning that it serves as home to a port, which happens to be the largest and most active in New Zealand. The waters provide a unique gloss of beauty, as residents are allowed to witness the oceans recede and spit as the hours roll by. Tauranga is particularly enchanting during the night, when the locals take to the neighborhoods to party and savor the breezy evening air.

Tauranga’s real estate, until recent years, was in shambles, further worsened by the implications of the great financial fall. However, with careful planning and insightful decisions, the city was able to kindle the fire. The plan was simple: get the economy operational and witness the real estate market blossom. And it worked. With the emergence of new companies and businesses, especially foreign-owned, the population underwent a significant rise and invariably began to influence the lifestyle of citizens, consequently affecting new housing trends in the city.

Tauranga offers nice returns on investments. Neighborhoods, such as Greerton and Bay Island, offer rates that are unavailable in many other cities of similar status. What’s more, the housing demand is expected to increase by 30% in three, four years, and considered with the fact that the population is relentlessly increasing, Tauranga’s real estate market poses great appeal.

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Tauranga has experienced an unprecedented growth in its real estate market, unseen because the figures before now used to show that the city had not overcome the great fall. However, things have ...
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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Tauranga

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📍Over 4,531 investors explored Tauranga
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