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Europeans colonized Wellington in 1840 when they came via the Aurora ship. Therefore, the majority of the population In Wellington is European. The city has a centralized location in New Zealand, which caused the government to relocate from Auckland. 

New Zealand has 8 regions with Wellington accounting for 11% of the population. Nearly 27% of the Wellington population arrived from other countries, which shows how desirable the city is for those that want an alternative to their homeland. It has created a diverse population with many Europeans living in the area. 

Wellington is home to several government institutions and sizable international investment. Therefore, the local economy is strong with an amazing digital sector. Advanced information technology jobs are available, which has created a well-educated population. 

A 2017 Deutsche Bank study found that Wellington is the best place to live. Real estate investors can feel safe with an investment as the local population is growing with an influx of trained professionals looking for a place to live. 

Wellington is one of the most desirable places to live in the world – this fact alone will keep the housing market healthy. The city is the heart of the country where professionals flock to compete for the top jobs. Therefore, graduates and families are constantly looking for property in Wellington. 

The short term rental market in Wellington is amazing because of the healthy tourism the city receives every year. People from around the globe want to take in the beautiful landscapes New Zealand has to offer. List your properties in popular booking platforms and you’ll receive a flood of interest – especially if the property is located in the city center. 

Also, the volume of renovated homes in the rental market is decreasing, which is pushing demand. Rental prices are now increasing, which improves the return you’ll get on an investment. You can rent out homes to families that want to move to Wellington from around the world. 

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Wellington

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📍Over 7,447 investors explored Wellington
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