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The city of Oslo covers 148,747 square miles with over 5 million in population with its history stretching back to the first millennium. Originally, Oslo was the European capital until 1563 when Copenhagen was mutually chosen instead as a token for the personal union between Norway & Denmark.

Today, Norway shares reputable trade relations with most countries in the world with the UK and Netherlands being primary choices as they too hold vast trading networks with the rest of the world. It is one of the most business-friendly cities in the world with economic and governmental stability and well-developed communication. The important industries that boost the economy of the Oslo city are Oil & Gas exports, the maritime industry, the hydropower industry, and the tourism industry with countless outdoor opportunities.

As the coastline stretches more than 64,000 miles with more than 240,000 islands regionally, Oslo has been seeing an all-time high in the property market since the last decade. The sale of Residential property in Oslo soared 23.5% in the first three quarters of 2019 because of strong economic growth which also leads to a 10% growth annually in the Residential market. Prices of detached houses also rose by 184% in 16 years with an average house costing $6,652 per square meter. 

Combined with this growing trend and the progressive nature of infrastructure and construction opportunities, now is the best time to start investing in the Real Estate of one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in the world.

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Oslo

Compared to 2019, Oslo will become a city with expensive apartments and houses, as prices are likely to escalate another 5 % in 2020. As always, the demand for both residential and office ...
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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Oslo

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📍Over 9,198 investors explored Oslo
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