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October 27, 2021
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Review Process

The TikTakHouses team assessed many different types of real estate companies all over the world. Our review process is mandated following a strict review process, with every company thoroughly researched on four main categories. The grading system is based on a number of separate variables scored across these four categories. Overall a company has to score high on all of them. 

From the real estate market to investing, data analysis, researching, customer service, and reviewing, our specialized team has over 10 years of experience in the real estate world. We are a trustworthy, independent, unbiased, and credible real estate reviewing authority. We value your opinion. Delivering the best service that will support you in your journey to find the best real estate company that matches your needs is at the core of all we do. In the field of real estate, our reviews and research show that we are a reliable source and an authority.

How do we review Real Estate Companies?

Every week we provide you with new articles and Real Estate Company reviews. Which our team of real estate specialists carefully selects and thoroughly researches. Our guides and reviews are based on hundreds of hours of research. Our team of real estate experts follows the strict research protocol we have designed. To make sure all our reviews are 100% accurate, our specialists follow the steps explained in detail below. Let’s explore how we review.

An honest grading system

Our team of experts evaluated all Real Estate Companies on multiple separate variables across four areas for TikTakHouses. A Real Estate Company must perform well in every category in order to receive a high score. The main categories that are part of our 4-step review process are:

Overview categories

  1. Portfolio
  2. Commission
  3. Customer Service
  4. Professionality
Grading system TikTakHouses

How we score each category

Every variable is evaluated and rated with a score. Below you can find a list of example questions based on specific variables that we ask ourselves when researching the categories. Answers to these questions give a good overview on how we review.

  • For Portfolio
    • How many properties does this real estate company have listed?
    • How diverse are the pricing of the properties listed?
    • Does the real estate company offer any special Luxury options?
    • Does the real estate company provide services throughout the country, internationally?
    • Does the real estate company offer services to a specific niche market?
  • For Commission Pricing
    • Based on the information the real estate company shares about commissions
    • Based on user and client reviews indicating whether the companies are expensive
  • For Service
    • How efficient is the service of the real estate company?
    • What services does it offer and how many many ways to contact the company?
    • Do you get a specific agent assigned to your property search? 
    • What is the user satisfaction with the services provided?
  • Professionality 
    • How transparent is the real estate company? 
    • What is the history of the real estate company, are there major concerns mentioned such as inappropriate business practices?
    • How do users experience the professionality of agents?
    • Do the agents at the real estate company receive rewards or awards for their professional services?

All of these questions are variables related to our review process’s top categories. We assign a grade of 1 to 10 to the platform for each “Yes” answer to a variable. All the grades per variable are summed up and divided by the total of variables for that category. Number one is “very bad,” and number ten is “excellent.” Then the grades per category are summed up and divided by 4 (the total number of categories), which gives us the final overall grade.


You can find different listings on our website. TikTakHouses focuses itself on the international real estate market. We search for the best real estate companies in specific countries and in specific cities. We are here to provide you with the best results and honest reviews. We keep reviewing our listings on a daily basis and make changes in the order of the listings when required. The real estate world is ever-changing and we take over the hassle of filtering the top real estate companies out of the pile.