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Glasgow is a little paradise nestled in the lap of nature. Said to have been founded in the 6th century by a Christian Missionary, St. Mungo, it has a 15th-century university still attracting students from all over the world. It also developed as a trading port as well as a hub for various manufacturing industries, especially during the Industrial Revolution phase. 

It is Scotland’s most populated city and also lies at the epicenter of Scottish culture. Once a small seaside settlement along the River Clyde, today stands as the largest port of Scotland. This centuries-old city is replete with loads of heritage as well as modern-day advancements.

Glasgow is also the third-highest GDP city in the entire UK and also the fifth most visited. It is an important center for shipbuilding, marine engineering, education, and research. The demographic chart is quite wide and the housing options range from Victorian apartments to modern condos and even tranquil villages. 

Glasgow’s red and blond sandstone buildings have a distinct identity, as these were originally built in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. However, they still have high demand as they feature the high ceiling and spacious room architecture of the two decades. 

At the same time, you will also come across a number of skyscrapers flooded with apartments of varying sizes. Many of these high-rise buildings came into place to meet the high demand for residences.  

With a bright future for investors and several million-dollar investments underway, Glasgow is the place to be for investors in 2020. Check out our next Glasgow articles to find out why. 

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Glasgow

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📍Over 8,233 investors explored Glasgow
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