Top 10 Low Commission Real Estate Companies

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October 18, 2021
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Top10 Real Estate Commission

Adequately charging for real estate services is one of the biggest issues that real estate companies face globally. Everybody thinks that their service is worth the price of admission, which most certainly isn’t the case. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of the Top 10 Real Estate Companies with a low Commission. This list should help you with not wasting your time and money on realtors that can’t provide what you need. 

Top Real Estate by Commission

  1. Zion Realty
  2. Keller-Williams
  3. Keaton’s
  4. EastHaus
  6. Barleigh Ellis
  7. Foxtons
  8. Promora
  9. LJ Hooker
  10. Auctioneera

1. Zion Realty

Zion Realty Homepage

Closing in on 20 years in the business, Zion Realty has been conquering the Florida real estate market bit by bit. The people behind the company understand the balance between quality and affordability and have formed their offering with this understanding. Overall, perks such as free complimentary evaluations go a long way to enticing clients. Zion Realty is likely still fighting for a bigger market share, meaning that commissions could grow with the company. However, at this moment in time, they are definitely one of the more affordable options in the Florida real estate market. When it comes to Low Commission Real Estate Companies, few provide more for less than Zion Realty.

Head to Zion Realty to find out more about the company’s commissions. 

2. Keller-Williams 

Keller Williams Homepage

Vast experience in the real estate industry has led Keller-Williams to be one of the best realtors in the world. With nearly 40 years in the business, they have developed the biggest team of agents of any real estate agency, and provide services in 52 locations globally. They’d be forgiven if they charged higher commissions for the quality services they offer, but they don’t. In fact, they put an emphasis on affordability, understanding that higher prices will alienate a part of their client base. Keller-Williams truly are among the most affordable when it comes to Real Estate Low Commissions. 

Don’t take our word for it – Visit Keller-Williams and see for yourself. 

3. Keaton’s  

Keaton's Real Estate Homepage

Being on the cutting edge of the real estate business is great, as long as innovation doesn’t end up costing the clients. The client comes first, and everything about Keaton’s indicates that they believe so too. The fact that they bring back returns 6,3% better than average on sales shows their commitment. However, users have indicated that quality service hasn’t influenced prices. Combined with their commitment to developing under-developed projects, Keaton’s certainly seems like a company that cares. 

Check out Keaton’s to find out more. 

4. EastHaus

EastHaus Real Estate Company Homepage

EastHaus is among the youngest companies we’ve analyzed with barely 5 years in the industry. However, its founders are former real estate agents and know what the clientele in London needs. Since reputation has to be earned, EastHaus has been going about earning theirs. The company is doing this by offering the most competitive Real Estate Commissions in London. Affordability is what separates many from finding their dream homes, and EastHaus are trying to help with that. 

Visit their website at EastHaus to find out more. 


Wertpunkt Real Estate homepage Top10 Real Estate Commission

A versatile service awaits users of WERTPUNKT. This real estate company specializes in asset management, leasing, and marketing. The company’s agents offer elite real estate service, with every client receiving optimized and personalized treatment. One would think that such exclusive services would come at a high cost, but that’s not the case here. In fact, WERTPUNKT is one of the most affordable options in Berlin. When it comes to Commission Real Estate, few companies in Germany offer better terms.

Check out what the company is offering on its website


Barleigh Ellis Real Estate Homepage Real Estate Commission

Quality is key – That is the methodology Barleigh-Ellis operates by. Their portfolio is not the biggest in Spain, but their attention to detail is second to none. The agents of Barleigh-Ellis offer unprecedented personal time and dedication for each client. You’d assume such quality service costs a lot, right? Well, you’re in luck, because Barleigh Ellis also cares for its clientele, and does not overcharge for services. In fact, their Real Estate Commissions are some of the most affordable in Spain.

Head to Barleigh Ellis to see what they have on offer. 

7. Foxtons

Foxtons Real Estate Company low Commission Homepage

Foxtons are, without a doubt, the most affordable realtors in the UK. With 30+ years of experience, Foxtons has been catering to lower and middle-class clients in the best way possible. Not everyone can afford the exorbitant fees and commissions at places such as Sotheby’s, and Foxtons looks out for the average person. With an impressive combination of low Real Estate Commissions and a varied, extensive portfolio, this may just be the ideal real estate company for you. 

8. Promora

Promora Real Estate Homepage

Promora is the answer to the question: Can you still get Quality Real Estate Service at affordable rates? 

This Spanish outfit has been setting trends for the past 40 years, and they’ve done so by providing the ideal balance of price and quality. Their team of agents is dedicated and very well-informed. They know the area they cover better than anyone, as well as the people. With such intimate knowledge of its clientele, Promora knows exactly what they can afford. That’s why their Real Estate Commissions are set accordingly.  

9.  LJ Hooker

Lj Hooker Real Estate Homepage

LJ Hooker has been one of the most dominant Real Estate Brands in Australia for nearly a century, and not without reason. The company is gigantic, with 730 offices housing more than 8,000 agents. With such size comes the comfort of having plenty of business. Having plenty of business allows for lower prices and commissions. Add to that the client-first approach at LJ Hooker, and you’ll get the best Real Estate Commissions offered on the whole continent. 

10. Auctioneera

Auctioneera Real Estate Company homepage

When you put a bar that calculates how much you’ll save on commissions per size of the investment, it’s saying something. Auctioneera is very proud of being one of the most affordable Low Commission Real Estate Companies in Ireland. The company has great coverage, meaning they are available all over the country and even offer some properties in the rest of the UK. Aesthetics are something that they have to work on at Auctioneera, but they’ve got a lot right, including commission fees.