10 Real Estate Agencies offering Great Customer Service

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October 18, 2021
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Top 10 Real Estate by Best Customer Service

After an impressive portfolio, the most important part of a Real Estate Company is its relationship with the clientele. Quality service is important in any walk of life, but particularly in the world of real estate. Reputations can be made and broken by user comments, which is why we’ll be analyzing the Top 10 Companies with the Best Real Estate Customer Service. 

Top 10 Real Estate Companies by Customer Service

  1. Avison Young
  2. Vantage West Realty
  3. Prime Real Estate
  5. Sotheby’s
  6. The Real Property Experts (TRPE)
  7. Galaxia
  8. Level
  9. Aproperties
  10. Engel & Volkers

1. Avison Young

Avison Young Real Estate Homepage

Without an exquisite Real Estate Customer Service team, Avison Young could hardly have grown to its impressive size. More than 100 offices and 5,000+ agents cater to the needs of their clients, both in Canada and in some places around the globe. Avison Young cares, and they show it in many ways. Their attention to detail, the amount of educational material provided, and the efficacy of their services all show this. User reviews have confirmed everything we claim, and they’ve also indicated honesty and transparency, both crucial when talking about Real Estate Customer Service.

2. Vantage West Realty

VantageWest Real Estate Homepage

With the cutting-edge service and stunning properties they provide, Vantage West would be remiss if they didn’t provide a top-notch team also. By our standards, that is certainly the case. All of their agents are knowledgeable, efficient, and experienced, providing the Best Real Estate Customer Service in Canada and select locations globally. The company itself may be younger than most competitors, but they’re catching up, and fast. Users have noted an infectious enthusiasm among the Vantage West staff, which is just an added bonus. 

3. Prime Real Estate

Prime Real Estate Homepage

Trust and efficiency are two crucial aspects of providing quality Real Estate Customer Service, and Prime has got those two in droves. From providing case-specific quantitative data to advertising and promoting properties being sold to the max, Prime’s agents cover everything. The agent’s training has prepared them to be able to do so, along with a high number of them having MBA’s and other diplomas. Their thoroughness has shone through in many user reviews, so we have no doubt about the quality of their Real Estate Customer service

4. Fortuny

Fortuny Real Esgate Homepage

Catering to those with slightly higher budgets, the expectations are even higher for the agents of Fortuny. Thankfully, it seems that they are up to scratch because there were few issues we could pinpoint. Their services are varied, but their agents never seem overwhelmed. Fortuny is dedicated to providing the best user experience out there, and it shows. With such great coverage across Spain and Europe, Fortuny is among the companies with the Best Real Estate Customer Service in the industry.

5. Sotheby’s

Sotherby's Real Estate Homepage

If brand-name recognition is what you are looking for in a real estate partner, look no further than Sotheby’s. The real estate branch of the renowned auction house may be much younger than it, having been formed in the ’70s, but they’re catching up fast. They have one of the most impressive Real Estate Portfolios in the world, and the staff to go along with it. The agents at Sotheby’s are not only courteous and informative, but they are also engaging and fully committed to your goal. Once you get assigned an agent, he or she will not stop until you have found the property of your dreams. Don’t take our word for it, head online and you’ll find hundreds of reviews raving about Sotheby’s.

6. The Real Property Experts (TRPE)

The Real Property Experts Homepage

When companies try to be cutting-edge in terms of technology and design, that tends to detract from their staffing requirements. This industry bug hasn’t caught TRPE, however, as they have a small but impeccably trained team. The Real Property Experts have provided users with agents equipped to handle even the most demanding of customers. Their focus on personal touch gets things done much faster, meaning that their Real Estate Customer Service is exemplary.

7. Galaxia

Galaxia Real Estate Customer Service

 There is no substitute for experience. Learning from one’s mistakes is crucial in the real estate industry, and Galaxia has been learning for more than 40 years. This hard-earned knowledge has led them to become an industry leader in Cyprus. When it comes to Real Estate Customer Service, nobody does it better than Galaxia. They may have a single office, but that doesn’t impede their agents from operating at maximum efficiency. Knowledgable, efficient, and energetic, the team at Galaxia has received glowing reviews from users. 


Level Real Estate homepage

Having an original approach does wonders for motivating staff. With their “Elevate, Pioneer, Empower” methodology, LEVEL inspired both agents and clients to think bigger. That way, the collaboration becomes engaging and gets clients to their goals faster. LEVEL’s team is large and well-trained, meaning they can handle large amounts of business in New York and the area. With positive reviews from USA Today, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, and many more, it’s clear that the Real Estate Customer Service at LEVEL is top-notch. 

9. Commercial Brokers International

CBI Homepage

Professionalism exudes from Commercial Brokers International the moment you get in touch with them. Whether it’s through their streamlined website or with their Real Estate Customer Service team, you’ll get all the information you require. The company’s agents will guide you through the real estate process from start to finish. They will do so in as effective a way as possible. Seeing as CBI has been founded by people with more than 65 years of experience in the real estate industry, it’s clear to see why they’re so professional.

10. Engel & Volkers

Engel and Volkers Real Estate Customer Service Homepage

Engel & Volkers have been conquering the Dutch real estate market since 1977. In that time, they’ve grown into a powerhouse, and now provide all sorts of properties, as well as luxuries such as yachts and even aircraft. This is in no small part down to their agents, who are committed to providing the best real estate experience possible. They will aggressively negotiate in your name, getting the best prices both when buying and selling. Their team is smartly separated into sectors, with teams handling specialized tasks, greatly increasing efficiency. With Engel & Volkers, you will most certainly receive excellent Real Estate Customer Service.