Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Barcelona

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October 14, 2021
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Real Estate in Barcelona

Barcelona: City of Catalan Modernism architecture, Sangria Wine and Breathtaking Sunsets.

Barcelona has been one of the hottest real estate markets for years, which is why it’s essential to be informed about the Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Barcelona.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, housing prices in Spain are trending downward in 2021, which is particularly true for Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia is renowned for its picturesque architecture molded by the Atoni Gaudi and its wild nightlife. That has made it a hotbed for buyers ready to pounce at times like this. If you are such a buyer, we will aid you by providing a list of the Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Barcelona

Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Barcelona

  5. KRONOS Homes

1. Aproperties

When discussing the best Real Estate Companies in Barcelona, Aproperties have to be in the conversation. One look at their website will tell you enough about their level of professionalism. Apart from that, they offer a wide selection of services and properties, making the company a complete package. 


  • A plethora of service options are available 
  • A wide selection of properties 
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable team with a personalized touch 


  • Cater primarily to those with bigger budgets 

Overall Aproperties Rating: 9/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 7/10

🟩   Service: 10/10

🟩   Professionality: 10/10

With their offices located in the business neighborhood of Barcelona, it’s not shocking to discover that the company caters to upper-scale clientele. Their services, according to users, are on the more expensive side, but the prices are appropriate for what users will get.  

Aproperties Portfolio

Aproperties don’t concentrate on quantity but quality. Therefore, not everybody will find their dream property through them, but those that do will be thrilled. Additionally, they have recently gotten into dealing with office spaces, which is just a bonus.  

Aproperties: The Final Verdict 

All in all, Aproperties have left a compelling impression. We highly recommend Aproperties as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in Barcelona. 


A top-notch crew mixed with revolutionary strategies in the world of real estate equates to Barleigh Ellis. Barleigh Ellis is one of the Best Real Estate Companies in Barcelona, and we’re about to get into why that’s the case. 


  • A varied selection of services
  • An extensive, quality portfolio of properties 
  • The company guarantees that each user will get the personal time they require with any of their agents 


  • They focus a bit more on the higher segments

Overall BARLEIGH ELLIS Rating: 8.5/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 9/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 7/10

It’s always a good sign when it’s hard to find a bad word about real estate agencies, so Barleigh Ellis is truly a class apart. They pay attention to everything from the moment you get in touch with them until the moment keys to a property are exchanged after successfully concluding business. 

Barleigh Ellis: Portfolio

Barleigh Ellis focuses on quality over quantity. They have around 50 properties on offer, but the locations are spectacular, and the properties are top-notch. 

Barleigh Ellis: The Final Verdict

Paying attention to customers’ wishes isn’t hard, which is why listening to their clients has given Barleigh Ellis a sterling reputation. The personal touch provided will get things done more efficiently, which they guarantee to every client. This approach is particularly refreshing when considering rival companies that operate more like factories than real estate agencies. When you factor in their attention to detail, such as providing you with mortgage partners to facilitate your financing process, there are few better options on the market. In summation, we are happy to recommend Barleigh Ellis as one of Barcelona’s Best Real Estate Companies. 

3. Star Prop

If Star Prop is considered among the Best Real Estate Companies in Barcelona, it’s because of its impressive property listings. Both the quantity, variety, and quality are exceptional. There are loads of options to choose from when buying or renting, which is always a big plus. 


  • Lots of properties on offer
  • Affordability


  • Bad, buggy website design 
  • Not enough information provided to clients 

Overall Star Prop Rating: 8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 7/10

Star Prop: Portfolio

There are loads of properties to browse, both for letting and purchase. Therefore, there is no doubt that, in this field, Star Prop ranks among the Best Real Estate Companies in Barcelona. 

Star Prop: The Final Verdict 

Overall, we are happy to recommend Star Prop as one of the Top Real Estate Companies in Barcelona and the area. Their clients have raised no worrying concerns, and the only flaw we saw was their poor website design.

4. Heritage Wealth Management

With 20 years of experience in the fierce Barcelona real estate market, Heritage Wealth Management is more than capable of handling any of your real estate needs. Like some other companies on this list, they prefer quality over quantity, so you won’t have too big of a selection to choose from. With a wide selection of services such as investment consulting and asset management, they may be just the Perfect Real Estate Agency in Barcelona you’re looking for. 


  • A variety of valuable real estate services provided
  • More than 20 years of experience in the Barcelona real estate market
  • A great selection of property listings, including shops, penthouses, and offices


  • There are too few properties on offer 
  • Their website doesn’t provide enough information or quality images of the properties 

Overall Heritage Wealth Management Rating: 7.8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 7/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

If we’re honest, Heritage rates out as a mediocre real estate agency according to our parameters. They do not offer enough properties to rank higher, even though the variety is impressive within such a small selection. 

Heritage Wealth Management: Portfolio

As we’ve already mentioned, having ten or fewer properties for rent and the same amount for purchase isn’t impressive. However, there are townhouses and penthouses, which not even some much better-rated agencies provide. If this niche acquisition is ideal for you, Heritage is a quality partner in doing business. Their track record and 20 years in the industry give them the right to such a claim. 

Heritage Wealth Management: The Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a wide selection of properties to choose from, Heritage is not the company for you. If you know what you want, and Heritage has it on their creative but small list of properties, you could get lucky. Overall, there are no red flags about Heritage, but there are better options among Barcelona’s Best Real Estate Companies.  

5. Kronos Homes 

With a focus on Design, Adaptation, and Evolution, #PUREDESIGN and Kronos Homes have made a Real Estate Agency among the best in the world. Barcelona and genius design have combined to create magic, with the properties on offer providing the perfect melange of traditional and modern.


  • Inspired design 
  • Exquisite quality when it comes to properties 
  • A revolutionary emphasis on design


  • A couple of user reviews have indicated that the properties they bought were not in the condition or state of completion agreed upon 

Overall Kronos Homes Rating: 8.5/10

🟩   Portfolio: 10/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 7/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

The design of the properties offered by Kronos is stunning. #PUREDESIGN outdid themselves, but it is concerning that there are multiple reports about finding uninstalled wiring in newly acquired homes. Also, deal-closing concerns have been raised, with a user even having to wait from 2018 until 2021 to close their sale.

Kronos Homes: Portfolio 

The properties developed by Kronos are breathtaking. With 14 locations to choose from, it’s hard to pick which looks more enticing. Issues with late development have been brought up, but nothing significant has been indicated.

Kronos Homes: The Final Verdict

With a courteous team fully versed in what Kronos offers, it’s hard to go wrong with investing in their projects. They may not handle sales or renting, but developing is their forte, and it shows. The 14 locations that they have developed offer something for everybody. Finally, we still can’t get over how stunning the design is, so it stands out as a positive. All in all, we are happy to recommend Kronos Homes if you are looking to invest in real estate in Barcelona.

Final word Real Estate in Barcelona

The Real Estate market in Barcelona has always been popular in the world. Learn more about this rich culture and history in our Barcelona City page. This city is unique for its beautiful architecture. However, lately more high-end apartment blocks are being built. Find your dream house or apartment in Barcelona today via one of the Top 5 Real Estate Companies mentioned above.