Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Berlin

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September 1, 2021
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Top 5 List Real Estate in Berlin

Berlin: a Cultural, Fashion, and Business hub for Europe

Agencies for Real estate in Berlin can assist you in your quest for office space, property to invest in, your dream home, or sell a property. We isolated the Top 5 to help you choose.

  1. First Citiz

1. First Citiz Company for Real Estate in Berlin

First Citiz Real Estate Agency in Berlin

First Citiz is a company for real estate in Berlin offering renting, sales, and acquisitions in Berlin. They are keenly aware of the market and lots of expats living in the city. Therefore, they provide services that cater to more than 50 countries around the world. 


  • Multilingual service 
  • A clear and concise website


  • A relatively small list of properties offered

Overall First Citiz Rating: 7.5/10

This overall rating is calculated based on the following four subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our testing methodology.

🟩   Portfolio: 7/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 7/10

There are companies that have more properties on offer, but First Citiz offers a variety of quality properties no regardless. Their website provides all the necessary information without over-complicating. It offers maps of property locations, and clear images as well. 

List of Real Estate in Berlin Portfolios

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, First Citiz is at your service. Some 85 properties are being sold at the moment. If you are looking for a company that will pay close attention to every client, First Citiz is the right choice for you.

First Citiz: The Final Verdict

The quality of service provided by First Citiz is what puts them in the company of the Top Real Estate Companies in Berlin. The company has the awards to confirm these claims. User reviews also corroborate this, so we are happy to recommend them as a top-notch Real Estate Agency.

2. Next Estate Agency for Real Estate in Berlin

Next Estate Company in Berlin

If you are looking for a company that covers the entire spectrum of real estate services, Next Estate agency is perfect for you. Their top-notch service and clean presentation set them apart as one of the Top companies for real estate in Berlin.


  • Dedicated departments increase efficiency 
  • 4.8/5 on Goggle Reviews (48 reviews)
  • A variety of services offered 


  • Not a lot of properties are being sold 

Overall Berlin Rating: 8.3/10

🟩   Portfolio: 7/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 9/10

Versatility is the word of the day when it comes to Next Estate. One of the Top Companies for Real Estate in Berlin offers investment opportunities, sales services, buying and developing services. Different departments handle separate tasks, increasing the efficiency of your real estate process. 

List of Portfolios 

The list of properties offered is rather small compared to rivals. However, development and investment options are aplenty, which is a big bonus. 

Next Estate: The Final Verdict 

With Next Estate, you know what you’re getting and who you are dealing with right from the start. Their website is clear, their agents efficient and straightforward, and their listings enticing. All in all, we are comfortable recommending Next Estate as one of the Top Companies finding your next Real Estate in Berlin.

3. Urbanis Real Estate Company

Urbanis Real Estate Agency in Berlin

When talking about the Top companies for Real Estate in Berlin, it’s hard not to mention Urbanis. They are among the most significant providers of commercial real estate in Berlin’s underground. Although the company itself is only 15 years old, it can trace its roots all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. With the development of the German railroad came the need for food kiosks and other commercial venues in the stations. This is where the predecessors of Urbanis found their niche. 


  • Steeped in history 
  • Generations of experience 
  • A diverse collection of services 


  • Do not deal in any other real estate except commercial subway venues 

Overall Berlin Rating: 8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 7/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 9/10

If you are looking to rent properties in the subways of Berlin, Urbanis is the perfect partner to deal with. This is what they specialize in.

List of Portfolios

While food stands and kiosks are the specialties of Urbanis, they have also developed more varied services. They have also started a food section, as well as a flower shop. This sort of versatility is truly impressive. 

Urbanis: The Final Verdict 

It has to be said that, if you are looking for anything except commercial real estate in the Berlin subways, Urbanis cannot help you. With that out of the way, we are happy to recommend Urbanis as one of the Top Companies for Commercial Real Estate in Berlin.

If you add their variety of services to the impressive selection of properties offered, Urbanis stands apart as a quality option for your commercial real estate needs. 


Wertpunkt Real Estate Company in Berlin

We are a 100% subsidiary of the Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft (GSG Berlin), which is one of the largest commercial landlords in the capital. For GSG Berlin, we take on leasing, asset management, and marketing. This is how we optimize the GSG portfolio and create added value for both landlords and tenants.

Satisfaction – for tenants and landlords

Representative surveys repeatedly show that tenant satisfaction in the commercial complexes we manage is very high and is even improving steadily. This fact spurs us on again and again to top performance and we measure our success by this – far more than by statistics and theoretical data analysis.

With a lot of passion, we bring the necessary expertise with us to be successful. For you as a sole trader or craft business, start-up, or listed large corporation, you will find a wide range of different uses of commercial space in our portfolio. Our track record proves this impressively.  


  • Probably the best asset management company in Berlin
  • A varied selection of services 
  • A tight-knit, effective team 


  • The WERTPUNKT team may be too small to handle their workload

Overall WERTPUNKT Rating: 8.3/10

🟩   Portfolio: 8/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 9/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

WERTPUNKT has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to all things pertaining to renting properties in Berlin. Additionally, they handle commercial properties also. 

List of Portfolios

When it comes to renting properties and asset management, WERTPUNKT is among the Top Agencies for Real Estate in Berlin. However, they also dabble in development assessment and risk assessment with real estate. 

WERTPUNKT: The Final Verdict 

If you are looking to rent commercial or residential properties, or to get your properties managed, WERTPUNKT has you covered. Their small but efficient team is capable of handling more than a million square meters of properties. Which is how much the total square meter they manage sums up to. 

Moreover, WERTPUNKT is looking to develop its own projects from the ground up. This drive for improvements is what makes WERTPUNKT one of the Top Agencies for Real Estate in Berlin, which we happily recommend. 

5. HIH Real Estate

HIH Real Estate Company in Berlin

If an all-encompassing service is what you’re looking for, HIH Real Estate is by far, one of the Top Companies for Real Estate in Berlin.


  • Offer a lot of different real estate services 
  • A huge team of over 900 staff
  • More than 45 billion EUR under HIH’s management          


  •  Concerns of overreaching are realistic, with 11 branches existing globally

Overall HIH Rating: 9.3/10

🟩   Portfolio: 10/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 10/10

Few companies can match what HIH Real Estate has to offer. Nearly 1000 staffers are dedicated to taking care of the 45+billion in properties that they manage in 11 global branches. 

List of Portfolios

When it comes to the HIH Real Estate portfolio, buying, letting, selling, investing, and developing properties are all possible. Some of the projects being converted or developed appear truly remarkable. 

HIH Real Estate: The Final Verdict 

Few companies instill as much confidence in us as HIH Real Estate does. Without question, HIH is among the Top Real Estate Companies in Berlin, if not at the very top. Their mix of amazing properties, exemplary service, and reasonable prices make them the perfect real estate agency for Berlin to deal with. The fact that they employ 900+ people and handle more than 45 billion EUR in properties only confirms the top-notch quality of HiH Real Estate.