Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Canada

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October 20, 2021
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Top 5 Agencies for Real Estate in Canada

Canada: Scenic Landscapes, Wilderness, and Expanding Metropolises. This unbridled beauty has created a burgeoning demand for real estate. Finding the right real estate agent to help you get in on the action is crucial. That’s why we have provided you with a list of the Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Canada. 

With Bloomberg and other experts predicting a drop in housing prices by as much as 10% between 2021 and 2022, it’s an ideal time to buy. The Covid-19 pandemic has, unfortunately, had a part to play in this decline. People are having to sell in order to recover from its effects, inspiring a buying frenzy.

Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Canada

  1. Cromwell
  2. Cogir
  3. Aviston Young
  4. Vantage West
  5. Prime

1. Cromwell

Cromwell Homepage

Thanks to their dedication to satisfying their clientele, Cromwell have earned their place among the Top Companies for Real Estate in Canada. They have nearly 5,500 units on offer in 89 buildings, and all run with 30 years of experience in the industry.


  • 30 years in the real estate industry
  • Lots of properties 


  • Their website is not particularly informative

Overall Canada Rating: 7.5/10

🟩   Portfolio: 7/10

🟩   Commission pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 7/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

When accusations for malpractice come from multiple sources for the same things, they have to be taken seriously. That’s the case with Cromwell, where multiple reviews have revealed chaos. Whether they’ve complained about Cromwell illegally raising rent prices at will or superintendents being lazy and confrontational, both are unacceptable. 

Cromwell Portfolio

Cromwell doesn’t deal with sales and acquisitions, but only with renting/letting. They have a huge portfolio to choose from, but the quality varies. The more expensive the rent, the likelier you are to be satisfied. That should never be a way to conduct business because everyone should get quality living conditions, no matter their budget. 

Cromwell: The Final Verdict

30 years of experience in real estate seem to have not been enough for owner Georges Gantcheff. Unfortunately, his company does not run like a completely legitimate and legal agency should. Not enough attention is paid to the clients’ needs, while the concerns multiple users have raised about illegal price hikes are very worrying. Therefore, we’d suggest being careful when using Cromwell.

2. Cogir

Cogir Real Estate

Creativity, excellence, and the human touch are what the team at Cogir strives for. The company provides a varied service, with both investment, management, and construction options available, but they go above and beyond. Cogir isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone, so it’s not surprising that they’ve branched out into hotelier and even the restaurant business. 


  • Varied service not matched by many rivals 
  • An innovative approach 
  • A dedicated and professional team 
  • Cover all the bases a real estate company should
  • More than 140 buildings under their management


  • Issues with hierarchy have brought efficiency down 
  • Some properties are in poor condition

Overall Canada Rating: 8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 8/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10 

🟩   Service: 7/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

While we’ve been unable to find investors who have gone into business with Cogir, the majority of those renting from one of their numerous buildings seem satisfied. Issues have been brought up, such as some properties being mold-infested and such. These aren’t small issues, but with so much property to manage, mistakes happened. There seem to have been just a couple of such instances, so we won’t make assumptions.

Cogir Portfolio

There are quite a lot of options to choose from. If you’re looking to invest, get in touch with Cogir to see what opportunities await. If you’re looking to rent, there are hundreds of options. 

Cogir: The Final Verdict

All in all, Cogir is a diverse, efficient real estate business. Problems with the condition of properties have been noted, but nothing too drastic. Apart from developing properties of their own in which clients can invest, they handle thousands of tenants that rent. Additionally, they deal with office spaces, industrial spaces, and even retirement homes. There are also condos available for purchase, although not a wide array of them. Therefore, we are happy with the complete package that Cogir presents. We recommend them as one of the Best Companies for Real Estate in Canada. 

3. Avison Young

Avison Young Real Estate Homepage

With more than 5,000 agents and 100 offices around the globe, Avison Young is a major player in Canada’s real estate industry. Their popularity is on the rise because of the vast amount of information they provide users with. Not only do they deal in real estate, but they look to educate their clients about the trade also. All sorts of consulting services are provided by Avison Young. Their experts will guide you through and advise you on any of your real estate needs. 


  • Have thousands of agents 
  • More than 100 offices globally 
  • An emphasis on educating their clientele about real estate
  • Are active in the fight for eco-friendly real estate processes 


  • Limited information about their property listings on website
  • Lack of Responsiveness

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

🟩   Portfolio: 7/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 7/10

Although Avison Young’s a strong and positive brand image and reputation, the agency lacks appropriate responsiveness and professionalism. Customers and even employees complain about how the company reacts to several situations. For instance, empathy in the workplace, not receiving responsive emails, and leaving unresolved matters are some major issues been addressed. On the other side, despite a couple of negative critiques, most customers indicate that they are highly satisfied with the properties that Avison Young offered.

Avison Young Portfolio

Advisory capacities are impressive at Avison Young, but so is their selection of real estate. Whether you are looking for office or retail space, or for a dream family home, Avison Young’s got your back. 

Avison Young: The Final Verdict 

Avison Young is a realtor that employs very qualified professionals. They will be able to clue you in on all parts of the business and will find you the property you’re looking for. User reviews indicate that the real estate they provide is always in good condition, and their commission prices have been rated as affordable. Therefore, we are happy to recommend the company as a reliable company for Real Estate in Canada. 

4. Vantage West Realty

VantageWest Real Estate Homepage

Innovation seems to be the word that Vantage West Realty operates by. They offer intriguing features and options, among which is the rarely seen “rent to buy” option. Such factors show that a company cares for its clientele. Another indicator of this is the extensive collection of guides and manuals on their website. Vantage West knows how to conquer the market, and they’re doing so by offering both affordable and luxury real estate. 


  • Offer rarely-seen options to clients, such as rent-to-buy
  • Their portfolio is comprehensive
  • Both luxury and affordable real estate provided 
  • Their team is young, vibrant and ambitious 


  • Relatively inexperienced compared to the competition 

Overall Canada Rating: 8.5/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

While experience is not on Vantage West Realty’s side, the infectious energy of their agents drives the business. Along with a quality offering in terms of real estate, that is the most important factor in any agency.  

Vantage West Portfolio

Whether you are looking for a home under 300,000 CAD, or have ambitions on properties worth over 10-15 million CAD, Vantage West has what you need. 

Vantage West Realty: The Final Verdict

Having an established name and foothold in the real estate industry is always a bonus, but young, ambitious companies sometimes enter the equation. Vantage Point Realty is just such a company and one that’s operating on a high level too. They offer a wide range of services, have favorable commission rates (according to users), and have an enticing portfolio. When all of that is taken into account, we are happy to include them among the Best Companies for Real Estate in Canada. 

5. Prime Real Estate

Prime Real Estate Homepage

Having a real estate partner you can trust makes the process of acquiring properties easier and more enjoyable. Prime Real Estate is all about the trust between client and agency. In-depth quantitative analysis is promised, as well as to-notch advertising and market. Their experts are all equipped with MBA’s in their fields, assuring quality care. 


  • A highly-trained team of experts on call 
  • A wide selection of properties in their portfolio
  • Affordable and luxury options available 
  • Services such as leasing, buying and investment options available


  • Focus on the higher segment market, a con for most people

Overall Canada Rating: 9/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 10/10

🟩   Professionality: 9/10

We are thrilled to report that we couldn’t locate a single bad comment about Prime Real Estate. Users have been impressed time and time again with their thoroughness and efficiency. Also, there have been no complaints about the properties, which is always a good indicator of quality. 

Prime Portfolio

Both residential and commercial real estate are provided by Prime, as well as certain investment options. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease, the company’s got you covered. Their portfolio is also very diverse, meaning that everybody should be able to find a property to fit their budget. 

Prime Real Estate: The Final Verdict

Affordability, efficiency, and genuine care for their clients put Prime Real Estate in an elite company. They are, without a doubt, one of the Best Companies for Real Estate in Canada. Their combination of expert advice, ideal opportunities, and timely guidance will help you achieve your real estate dreams. Therefore, we are more than happy to recommend their services.