Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Australia

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October 20, 2021
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Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Australia

Australia: The country of natural beauty, deserts, beaches, harbors, and colonial houses. Australia is one of the biggest urban countries, with mega metropolitan areas, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, well renowned for their attractions. Also a hot market in Real Estate Investment; Which is why you should continue reading about the top 5 agencies for real estate in Australia.

The “Land Down Under,” as the continent-country is affectionately known, is seeing a rise in demand, and therefore house pricing. Projections indicate a whopping 9% rise in prices by the end of 2021, with another 7% rise predicted for 2022. That selling will be in for the time of their lives, while cunning buyers could profit significantly from timely investments. Before any of that, however, it is crucial to find the perfect real estate partner to help you on your journey. That is why we have provided you with a list of the Top 5 Companies for Real Estate in Australia

Top 5 Agencies for Real Estate in Australia

  3. Ray White
  4. Belle PROPERTY

1. Masterton

Masterton Homepage

If you are looking for a company that can create a dream home for you, from finding the perfect plot of land until completion, Masterton is a great option. The company has had a considerable influence on Real Estate in Australia. They have revolutionized how the whole industry operates. Masterton can do it all, whether you look to buy, develop, or bring your fantasy to life.


  • Incredible attention to detail 
  • Clients come first 
  • The company makes a concentrated effort to educate its clientele about real estate development. 
  • Amazing properties on offer
  • Customization options are available from the ground up 


  • Only a single person expressed dissatisfaction with a pile of garbage left behind after a duplex building was built.

Overall Masterton Rating: 8.8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 10/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 9/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

Masterton honestly seems like the perfect company to develop properties. The single verified concern we could find stands alone, with hundreds of positive comments opposing it. Therefore, a single issue with garbage does nothing to tarnish Masterton’s record as one of Australia’s best Real Estate Companies.

Masterton Portfolio

Apart from having an impressive portfolio of already-developed properties, the most remarkable part is what they can create for you. They will bring to life any ideas that you have when developing a property, no matter how complex the design.

Masterton: The Final Verdict

All in all, it’s hard not to be impressed by Masterton. They are one of the top real estate developers on the continent. There are almost no genuine complaints regarding their services, and they have received a lot of praise. Besides, clients commented on quality service, efficiency, and stunning developments. Therefore, we are happy to recommend Masterton as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in Australia.

2. Clarke & Humel

Clarke and Humel Homepage

Clarke & Humel offer a variety of real estate services, which they perform at an excellent level. Whether you’d like to advertise, sell or rent out your property, or if you’d like to acquire real estate, they’ve got you covered. The fact that a family business has grown to such a decent size is just another indicator of quality.


  • A family business that’s growing fast 
  • A variety of services being offered 
  • Numerous awards won 
  • Quality properties on offer


  • There could be more properties listed

Overall Clarke & Humel Rating: 8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 8/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

Family-owned businesses rarely grow into powerhouses in the real estate industry, but Clarke & Humel have such aspirations. They have already won numerous awards and the title of no.1 real estate agency on the Northern Beaches. 

Clarke & Humel Portfolio

There could be more properties on offer, but the ones listed are of excellent quality. Their listings for rent are even more impressive. Add to that a sterling sales record, and Clarke & Humel appear to be an excellent option. 

Clarke & Humel: The Final Verdict 

Clarke & Humel are family-run, and it shows. There is a personal touch that is apparent on all levels of their offering. However, they aren’t content to rest on their laurels but are conquering the market step by step. Therefore, we are happy to recommend Clarke & Humel.

3. Ray White Residential Sydney CBD

Ray White Homepage

Selling, leasing, and managing properties is what Ray White does. As a matter of fact, they do it very well. Their ambition is unmatched, from having a spacious auction room where they conduct bidding to a crack team of agents hungry for success. Putting the client first has gotten them far, but they aim to provide Australia’s best Real Estate experience.


  •  Always put the interests of the client first 
  • Offer a varied range of services
  • Hire some of the best real estate prospects coming out of university 


  • The properties they sell are predominantly for those with bigger budgets (The cheapest property listed is 1.15 million AUD)

Overall Ray White Rating: 8/10

🟩   Portfolio: 8/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

Aiming high is never a bad thing, but affordable options are also essential for real estate companies. It has been proven that the backbone of the industry is middle-class homes.

Ray White Residential Portfolio

Ray White’s listings tend to be on the more pricey side of the spectrum. Unless you have at least 1.15 million AUD, we suggest looking elsewhere. However, if you want to build real estate with them, their services are first-rate.

Ray White Residential: The Final Verdict

All in all, the service provided by Ray White Residential is excellent. Their agents act in a timely and efficient manner, and the properties listed with them are of pristine quality. They do, however, tip towards the more expensive side, which will put off some potential clients. In summation, we are happy to recommend Ray White Residential as one of Australia’s Best Real Estate Companies. 

4. Belle Property

Belle Property Homepage

Belle Property has its finger on the pulse of Australian real estate. Essentially, they understand who makes up the market, and they cater to those middle and upper-class clients. The same passion pervades them when they sell one-bedroom apartments and multi-million dollar homes, an outflanking approach that leads them to a different level of competition.


  • A dedicated and passionate team
  • More than 20 years in the real estate industry
  • Provide top-quality properties thanks to a collaboration with some of the prominent experts and brands in the business
  • Provide an extensive portfolio of properties


  • User reviews are concerning 

Overall Belle Property Rating: 7.5/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 7/10

🟩   Service: 7/10

🟩   Professionality: 7/10

A client’s word can make or break a company. Multiple clients complaining most certainly will. But the number of negative reviews we found blew us away. The only positive comments were that the company managed to get near the asking price for properties after a long and arduous process.

Belle Property Portfolio

There are quite a lot of properties on offer at Belle Property, but that doesn’t cover up for their horrible service. 

Belle Property: The Final Verdict

It’s never easy to give a negative recommendation for a company, but sometimes they are more than warranted. In the case of Belle Property, we just couldn’t get over the dozens upon dozens of negative reviews from users. For example, reviews include, misinformation about pricing (we won’t call it outright lying), poor service, unexpected charges, and many more issues that have been pointed out. Therefore, we do not feel comfortable recommending Belle Property for your real estate needs. 

5. LJ Hooker

Lj Hooker Real Estate Homepage

If you are an investor or a buyer searching for an agency for real estate in Australia, LJ Hooker may be just the one you’re looking for. With nearly 100 years in the business, few have more experience and knowledge of the market. As one of its biggest competitors, Ray White, the company is family-owned. Add to that their enormous size (730 offices), and it’s hard to go wrong with LJ Hooker.


  • Employ more than 8,000 agents 
  • Have been in the Australian real estate business for nearly a hundred years 
  • Provide a variety of services 
  • Care 


  • Multiple complaints from tenants and letters 

Overall LJ Hooker Rating: 8.3/10

🟩   Portfolio: 9/10

🟩   Commission Pricing: 8/10

🟩   Service: 8/10

🟩   Professionality: 8/10

LJ Hooker has shown themselves as very dedicated to their clientele. The amount of information, guides, tips, and more available on their website is impressive. They provide services for purchasing, selling, and renting, but one area is troublesome. According to multiple reports, their renting/letting section leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, various complaints indicate tardiness, inattentiveness, problems with the conditions of properties, and more. Apart from that, the buying/selling part of the business seems to be running smoothly. Multiple users have commended them for efficiency in sales and for fighting for their clients when buying property.  

LJ Hooker Portfolio

LJ Hooker listings are comprehensive and affordable. There’s something for everybody, which is vital for companies fighting for market shares. While issues with renting have already been mentioned, there are no worrying comments about anything else related to LJ Hooker.

LJ Hooker: The Final Verdict

No company is perfect. This goes for LJ Hooker, too, so we won’t dwell too much on a handful of comments. They state that there were issues with the renting/letting part of their business, but none of these issues were horrific in nature. Users have noted efficiency and client care, so we believe there’s no reason to be alarmed. We recommend LJ Hooker as one of the Best Real Estate Companies in Australia.