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The environment of the city of Aurora is one of an eventful atmosphere which is evident in the over 100 parts that cover over 6000 acres of open land and natural areas. The metropolis is also adorned with professional golf courses in over six neighborhoods, which include Aurora hills, Meadow hills, Murphy creek, saddle rock, Springhill, and Fitzsimons. Some are privately owned like Heather ridge country club and CommonGround golf course. 

The city of Aurora has a penchant for art and history and is seen in a historic landmark art facility in the Aurora cultural arts district known as the Aurora Fox theatre of Arts Center. It is a massive 245-seat performance for arts of any kind, which includes musicals, ballet dancing, and drama. 

The city is filled with buildings erected with the modern architectural setting having been inhabited by Europeans back in the early 90s. The city of Aurora has one of the biggest farms of the state of Colorado, the Delaney farms which is the site of the Aurora popular barn which covers like 130 acres of landmass with a pathway to the high line canal which is  Denver managed organic garden with a lot of employees who stay in the vast real estate of the city. 

Also, the city is endowed with excellent architectural masterpieces evident in the Farnsworth house in the pastoral plan, the building’s all-body glass design seems to hang just above the roaring River Fox, highlighting the renowned classy touch of Mies Van der Rohe’s minimalist manifestation of structure and space. 

This neighborhood has tons of visitors every year that come to witness either for enlightenment or excitement purposes, the architectural wonder that is the birth child of one the foremost world-renowned architects. The properties in this neighborhood would have a high demand rate as it bodes well for a realtor with rental intentions. 

In an educational city like Aurora, no business is quite as profitable as learning institutions. However, the economy of Aurora depends heavily on the payment of taxes by the numerous establishments from employers and employees alike. The Aurora public school system is popularly known as Aurora Public schools and is in charge of several schools from grade schools to colleges. 

The district has sixty-five schools under its jurisdiction with a student body that runs in hundreds of thousands. There are twenty-seven elementary schools, six middle schools, six high schools, twelve charter schools, and a whooping employee base of more than four thousand workers. 

In like manner, the Buckley air force base is the US base that was established in 1938 and presently has over 12,000 employees. Other big employers of labor include Anschutz Medical Campus with more than 6,000 workers, the University of Colorado Hospital with more than 4000 workers, and the city of Aurora with more than 3000 workers. 

The real estate market in Aurora offers flexibility and stable investment opportunities with the vast population density existing in the area. The city metropolis is lined with amenities and comforts found only in the big cities like the designer shopping outlets, gaming centers and casinos, Art theatres, and the Aurora history museums. 

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