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Indianapolis, often known as Indy, is the capital of Indiana and its seventh most populous city with around 876,862 residents. Indianapolis makes up for the 27th largest economic region in the U.S. based on finance and insurance, manufacturing, professional services, health care, and education.

Thousands of nature lovers, cultural connoisseurs, and curious tourists visit Indianapolis regularly. Some of the top attractions include Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Children’s Museum, Indianapolis Zoo, and if you’re a motorsport fan, the famed “Indianapolis 500” annual race is something you shouldn’t miss.

The transport system of Indianapolis consists of a complex network of local bus service, private intercity bus service, Amtrak passenger rail service, train lines, a Highway system, airports, bike lanes, and trails, so you can get around the city easily, wherever you are.

As a seller’s market, Indianapolis’s real estate market offers many opportunities for investors in both rental and properties for sale. There are so many options to choose from – you can invest in properties to buy and hold, buy and sell, or rent them out as Airbnb properties. This last one has become a widely popular investment method among Indianapolis real estate investors as it generates desirable yields throughout the year.

All these indicators have earned Indianapolis an array of real estate titles, one of the best ones being Forbes’ Best Market for Real Estate Investment in 2019 and the Top Trending Airbnb destination for 2017. 

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Indianapolis

We discussed the appeal of Indianapolis’s real estate market and how it has been expanding and growing as a seller’s market in the past few years. If you’re thinking about investing in it and ...
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📍Over 7,662 investors explored Indianapolis

Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Indianapolis

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📍Over 7,662 investors explored Indianapolis
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